Big Data Whitepaper: Vertica Excels In Accessibility, Speed


Zunesis Big Data Whitepaper: Vertica 7.0 (Crane 2014)

Volume 1, Issue 1

Frank Rogowski
DATE: 2/27/2014

EXTACT: “Vertica 7.0 – the latest HP Vertica offering, referred to by its code name of Crane – is a real-time analytical platform built to meet the demands of any big data initiative thrown at it. Vertica is now leveraged to host datasets of structured and semi-structured formats. By loading files into Vertica it can then be exploited by business analysts, managers, and/or data scientist using standard SQL, Vertica SQL-extensions, R functions, and programmatic APIs to derive insights from their troves of captive data. This entry will have a data focus and analytics perspective as opposed to a system engineering and platform discussion.Frank Rogowski, Solutions Architect

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