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3PAR in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

Using Data to Determine the Best Way to Store Your Data


Numbers can be made to say many things. To quote one of the most innovative thinkers of our time: “Aw, you can come up with statistics to prove anything. Forty percent of all people know that.” – Homer Simpson


True, numbers can be spun in numerous ways, but data can’t be denied. Along those lines, decisions in IT revolve around very expensive purchases – and buyers need facts to support every purchase.


So, here are some facts:


Trending Upward Alone2In storage, what we see is a market slowly slipping, with all the stalwarts declining faster than the overall market (2.3% in 2015)… all except one: Hewlett Packard Enterprise. 2015 Revenue was down for EMC by 5.9% and NetApp 14.3% (ouch!). Dell Revenue was down 5.6% last fiscal year as well. IBM is now an anecdote.


Smaller players are not to be overlooked. Pure is on fire with Q4 showing a 152% gain in revenue, but those numbers come at an awful price. 2015 saw a $213.7 million loss actually up from $183.2 million loss in 2014.


HPE has a really good story right now. Split into two companies, the infrastructure enterprise is slimmer, more nimble (pun intended) and it’s the only major storage player growing. HPE is up 7.9% in Q4. That alone is pretty good; but in a segment down 2.2% in the same period, that’s even more impressive.


DCIG rated 3Par as the best Enterprise midrange array. On March 8, 2016, the Storage Performance Council (SPC) released a new SPC-1 result for the 3PAR StoreServ 8450 All-Flash Array, where it achieved a world-leading result of $0.23 SPC-1 $/IOPS™ – making it THE most affordable external all flash array on the planet.


3Par is the only array in Gartner’s magic quadrant for solid state and general purpose – and those are both managed from the same interface.


To put this all into context, if you’re a decision maker looking to make a large investment that’s going to last for the next several years, doesn’t it seem wise to at least look at the only major storage provider that’s healthy, growing, and that also happens to be racking up major accolades?



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