Sharpen Your Competitive Edge in 2015

Making 30 the new 70 (percent, that is)


Regardless of what your company does, you are in the information business.  Whether you are collectively on the quest to produce the best bagel, yoga mat, mortgage, bank account, or TV show, you are in the information business.  At the end of the day, it’s all about winning new customers and hanging onto the ones that you’ve worked so hard to get through product innovation or a customer experience that is so delightful that customers wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.  Your ability to innovate, personalize your customers’ experience, exceed their expectations, keep their information secure,  all while working to reach out to them where they work and play is equal to the amount you can expect to grow your bottom line.  All of this is about information.

It is estimated that 70% of today’s average IT budget is spent on simply maintaining the current IT infrastructure.  That means seventy cents of every dollar is spent on basic operational activities: keeping inventories running smoothly, maintaining accurate and quick POS systems, backing up data, securing customer information, and disaster-proofing the datacenter. Thisleaves only 30% of IT budget dollars to innovate, create new points of contact with customers, and develop creative ways to interact with clients.  Therefore, vital IT activities – innovating new products and services, monitoring and managing the mountains of unstructured data living on internet that relate to your company and your competitors – often fall to the wayside because there simply is not enough budget remaining to invest in them. While the competition is innovating its way to the top of the market, your company could fall hopelessly behind while it’s frantically working to maintain the IT status quo.

Competitive Advantage 70-30-rule ZunesisWelcome to 2015 where, right now, the market is rewarding the companies that can learn to create a shift in the 70/30 rule that is at work around the clock, creating a drag on everyone else in your competitive market.  In the time that it takes you to read this, the market is moving toward companies that have learned to harness the power of mobility, cloud and big data all while keeping customers’ personal information secure.  Companies who are tapping into the power of mobility, allowing customers access to their company regardless of location or device of choice, the flexibility of cloud and the insights provided by unstructured big data are seeing their businesses grow exponentially.

What if you could be the first in your industry to flip that formula on its ear?  What if 70% of every dollar you spent were used to create an information advantage over your competitors?  What would that mean to your ability to delight customers, your ability to create new product offerings, your ability to measure and respond in real time to the impact of your most recent marketing efforts?

Whether it’s deploying scalable hyper-converged hardware; utilizing smarter, more efficient data storage; leveraging the cloud for additional compute resources; finding the most cost effective way to ensure disaster tolerance; or making sure that you are keeping data on your current customers secure, you need a partner to help you think through all your options. The technical team at Zunesis averages 25 years each working in the technical trenches.  We’ve been partnering with our customers for over a decade, working with them to help them find ways that IT can give them the edge they need, helping them find their way to innovate their way to the top of their game.   Be the first in your game to flip the 70/30 rule on its ear.  Make a quick call to Zunesis, and let’s make 30 the new 70 in 2015.

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