HP – The “Inc.” Side of the Split

As some, if not all, of you out there know, HP has split in to two separate companies: Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, or HPE, will be specifically focused on selling Enterprise product, software and services, while HP Inc. will be dedicated to personal client systems of laptops, desktops, and printers. While these two companies will have a few things in common (i.e. both companies will be very focused on security), the two companies will have separate goals, business objectives, and go-to market strategies.

In the business and partner world, we have had a lot of focus on the side of HP Enterprise and its products. HPE will be the larger of these two companies, and it will have an almost exclusive focus on the business world and its sales. HP Inc., on the other hand will, be a smaller, more nimble company that will be better at adapting to the changing needs of both businesses and consumers and sometimes the “mixing” of these two lines (Bring Your Own Device).

HP SplitMuch airtime has been given to HPE since the split; so today, let’s focus on HP Inc. Since the HP split officially happened, I have noticed a very rapid and direct approach HP Inc. has taken to become industry leading in two specific categories: Mobility and Security.


    • Mobility: HP Inc. is dedicated to help companies mobilize their business with amazing new devices, applications, and services. Specifically, the newly announced Elite x3 is specifically designed to bridge the gap between the mobility of the Tablet, the business capability of a Laptop, and the power, speed, and storage of a Desktop.  HP Inc. wants to empower their customers with the ability to run their business from anywhere on the planet.


  • Security: HP Inc. has gone back to its roots to work with HPE and Microsoft to create a software suite that marries HP Fortify Security Software and the Microsoft OS, Windows 10. HP Inc. will use this, along with their already stellar security features like HP Biosphere and HP Sure Start with Dynamic Protection, to create what they feel is an industry leading option.


HP Inc. seems to see the opportunity that has been presented by Apple concentrating on competing with Samsung for smartphone dominance. They are going after the mobility space with the belief that they can provide a better business solution than the Apple iPad and a more user friendly option than the Microsoft Surface. It will be very interesting to see if they can pull it off. Whether they do or not, I can see a very rosy future for the new, nimble, and improved HP Inc.!

Tom Savage

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