Is Zunesis Cloud Storage Shared?

No. Zunesis Cloud Storage provides a single tenant experience. You operate on drives dedicated to you.

How do I provision dedicated storage?

You can create your own dedicated Virtual Private Storage Array in under 90 seconds via our Self-Service provisioning portal.

Can I use Zunesis Cloud Storage for backup and disaster recovery?

Zunesis Cloud Storage is perfectly suited for local or remote backup. You can manage this through your own software; or alternatively, we can provide a managed back-up service.

What data protection options does Zunesis Cloud Storage support?

Data protection is at the heart of Zunesis Cloud Storage and offers 4 robust measures.

 – Raid
– Cloning
– Mirroring
– Snapshots

What applications are suited for Zunesis Cloud Storage?

Big data, test and development, file, collaboration, digital asset management, repository, database, email and visualization are some of the applications used by clients.

Is there a volume limit to using Zunesis Cloud Storage?

That’s the beauty of Zunesis Cloud Storage, it’s completely flexible and scaleable. You can pool multiple disks into a single volume, we support multiple volumes, while a single volume is limited to 100TB.

How does pricing work?

The pricing for Cloud Storage is based on two components and is charged by the hour.

1. Engine/Controller – The size of the controller is determined by your required performance and capacity requirements.
2. Drives – Drives come in different volume sizes to suit a range of needs. Equally there are a selection of different drive types namely SAS, SATA and SSD.

Can I run my own applications or backup software on Cloud Storage?

Yes, Cloud Storage now supports the use of Docker Containers to improve performance and reduce latency.

Can I transfer data between Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Zunesis Cloud Storage?

We partner with both of these cloud service providers. Therefore, transferring data between the 3 can be completed simply and easily.

How do I connect in?

Zunesis’ Cloud-IX is your on-ramp to a Cloud Storage solution. Cloud-IX provides a direct connection in to Cloud Storage.

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