HPE Cloud Volumes – Enterprise-grade Multi Cloud Storage Service

Cloud simple, enterprise reliable


Many organizations are exploring moving their enterprise applications to the cloud. If you are among the many researching these options, you should consider HPE Cloud Volumes which will get you there faster. It is an enterprise-grade cloud storage service for running applications on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure delivering enterprise features, reliability, and security with the freedom to use any cloud your organization may choose.


Enterprise grade


HPE Cloud Volumes delivers enterprise-grade reliability and security with data protection and copy data management features needed by enterprise applications:


  • Proven storage uptime and availability
  • Millions of times more durable than native cloud block storage
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Instant snapshots for faster backups and recovery


A demo on how to provision new HPE Cloud Volumes block storage and attach them to AWS EC2 and Azure VMs achieving enterprise-grade multicloud storage for public cloud instances with HPE Cloud Volumes.




Keep your data mobile and accessible!


It’s your important data, and you should control where it goes. HPE Cloud Volumes delivers data mobility and eliminates cloud lock-in. Organizations can easily move data between public cloud and your own data center. In combination with HPE Nimble cloud-ready flash arrays, you can build your own multicloud data center with the ability to rapidly on-ramp data to cloud or move it to another provider or back in-house without any costly data egress charges.


Visibility inside the cloud and the data center


Organizations can also gain visibility with the ability to see across clouds and your data center, no matter where your data is. HPE InfoSight predictive analytics anticipate and prevent issues “across the stack” and provide insights to help you optimize data placement and resource usage and uncover opportunities for savings.



HPE has you covered


Using cloud shouldn’t mean organizations need to dig through thousands of forum posts or have your questions go unanswered. With HPE Cloud Volumes, you get 24×7 enterprise support backed by HPE Nimble Storage level 3 engineers that have earned HPE the highest customer satisfaction scores of the storage industry.



HPE Cloud Volumes



How to get started?


Contact your Zunesis account manager to schedule a complimentary Customer Connect cloud storage strategy workshop and industry experts will work with your organization to determine what workloads may be ripe for HPE Cloud Volumes and provide additional insights, options, and guidance as you travel down the Hybrid Cloud road. We look forward to providing immediate and valuable inputs into your Cloud strategy!


Additional Information:

HPE Cloud Volumes: http://www.hpe.com/storage/cloudvolumes

HPE Infosight Predictive Analytics: https://www.hpe.com/storage/infosight

Zunesis Customer Connect: https://www.zunesis.com/customer-connect


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