The Super Hero in You.

Señor Service

Señor Service

This IT super hero realizes it’s not all about the hardware; it’s about figuring out the best way to serve John Q. Public through professional services and consulting. Señor Service relies on superhuman abilities to keep the crime-fighting apparatus running, no matter what demands are placed on it. He fights unnecessary risk, he reengineers finicky hardware, and he guards the vault of IT treasure with his life. Señor Service at your service!


The HYPERconverger

Blessed with superhuman speed and reflexes, The HYPERconverger is an ace at streamlining and consolidating. A diligent detective, The HYPERconverger uses superhuman research skills to zero in on saving money over the long haul while always keeping an eye on new technology. One thing is for sure: When the HYPERConverger is around, the IT environment runs like a well-oiled machine!

Incredible Hybrid

The Incredible Hybrid

The Incredible Hybrid excels at using every avenue to efficiently operate IT infrastructure both on-premesis and away from the IT Hall of Justice. The Incredible Hybrid is open to new ideas, but remains grounded when it comes to new technology. He or she is a practical thinker who always chooses the right tool from the superhero utility.

Cloud Crusader

The Cloud Crusader

Move over Batman, this IT super hero is the new expert on all the high-tech options. No matter what challenge lies ahead, The Cloud Crusader knows how to embrace new technology and use it to better the IT environment. The Cloud Crusader is dedicated to serving and protecting the public, emphasizing service and thriving in an ever-changing environment.

Does your job sometimes feel like you’re fighting the Legion of Doom? Are you the undercover hero keeping your organization from certain disaster?Then let’s figure out exactly what kind of IT super her you are. Take our quiz, learn your secret super hero persona, and keep on fighting the good fight!

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