Should You Move your IT Services to the Cloud? Are you ready for the Cloud? Are cloud services for your small business, medium business, or enterprise-level business a good investment? What are the best systems to move? Do you have the right processes to take advantage of the cloud? What is the best approach: Hybrid, Public, Private, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS?

Techopedia describes Cloud enablement strategy as, “The process of creating, deploying, and operating some or most of an organization’s IT infrastructure, software, and resources through the cloud. Cloud enablement shifts in-house IT to a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment. It is delivered by cloud enablers or cloud service providers.”

Zunesis’ Cloud Enablement Strategy Services provide our customers the required visibility into their IT service delivery capabilities and mission-critical applications to make informed decisions on the most efficient and appropriate platforms to run their business. The services provide our clients an infrastructure strategy that meets the requirements of the business, end users, and applications. The infrastructure strategies encompass software as a service (SaaS) strategy solutions such as Office 365, Hosted QuickBooks, E-Signature, and secure file transfer and storage solutions. The strategy also includes infrastructure service tools such as disaster recovery and test and development platform targeting. Get started with Zunesis today!

Cloud Enablement Strategy Methodology

Cloud-Enablement- Strategy-ZunesisZunesis will use automated tools, physical inspection, as well as in-person interviews to gather the required information for the specific deliverables of the Cloud Enablement Strategy engagement. Zunesis uses a Plan, Build, Run methodology made up of specific milestones in order to ensure client success in any project we deliver. As such, we will provide project management and oversight for the duration of the engagement.


Zunesis will also evaluate whether an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) makes sense for your specific workloads, and which IaaS provider would be the most appropriate for your business and applications. However, Zunesis’ Cloud Enablement Strategy Services do not stop there. We will evaluate your organization from a people, process, and tools prospective to ensure that your organization is fully prepared to take advantage of modern cloud infrastructures. Contact Zunesis today to learn more about cloud services for your small business.


  • Application Inventory

  • Application Interdependency Mapping

  • High-Level Risk Assessment

  • Platform Recommendation by Platform

  • IT Service Delivery Evaluation

  • Technical Evaluation of Personnel

  • IT Service Delivery Process Evaluation


  • Provide Migration Strategies

  • Identifies inefficiencies in your infrastructure and tools

  • Make sure your organization is fully prepared to take advantage of cloud infrastructures

  • Receive an infrastructure strategy that meets the requirements of your business

  • Discover your process inefficiencies

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