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Big Data

The promise of big data is that it enables your business to leverage a range of information to provide new services, operate more efficiently, and market more effectively. But to harness the value of big data, you must: Craft an IT strategy to capture, store, and manage large and growing volumes of data. Find the right big data analytics tools to discover and analyze data of varying value to gain new insight. Leverage big data to make decisions about business operations and the products and services to transform your business.

Zunesis provides the industry’s most comprehensive, integrated set of solutions designed to help you maximize the value from big data.

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It Starts With a Big Data Assessment from Zunesis

Zunesis works with your IT and lines of business managers in a highly interactive engagement to understand your business priorities and drivers. From this we deliver a Big Data strategy document specific to your organization that summarizes our findings with specific use case development and recommendations.

Don’t be left out in the cold. The vast majority of organizations struggle when it comes to properly leveraging Big Data, but the potential for real, actionable insights is there. Our specialists can help formulate an actionable strategy that will put your company ahead of the competition. Furthermore, you can rest assured that we will never sacrifice the security or integrity of your data, and will help ensure that it remains completely secured from potential threats.

Customer Benefits

Create a set of high-value use cases that have a direct and tangible impact to your business
Understand how Big Data fits into your existing IT infrastructure
Understand how to leverage Big Data across your organization
Deepen business insights and extend your competitive advantage

Big Data


  • Create Common Understanding & Definition
  • Near Term Objectives & Strategy
  • Identification & Prioritization of Key Use Cases

Big Data


  • Data Classification
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • People & Resources
  • Hardware, Software, Infrastructure

Big Data Use Case Development


  • Specific Use Cases for Your Organization
  • Recommended Architecture
  • Execution Plan

Customer Challenge


Growing data sizes and increasing needs of organizations to store, process and interpret meaningful insights from their enterprise data is now top-of-mind for many IT leaders today. Bottom line – companies need to efficiently store and process large chunks of varied datasets collected at a fast speed, to provide the best value to their organization.