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Data Lifecycle Management

The unprecedented growth of data has created consistent challenges and expenses for all organizations. Solutions in this area are designed to organize, protect, document, and manage our customers’ electronic information according to industry and manufacturer best practices. Consideration must be given to how data is stored, how data is protected, how data is archived, and how data is disposed.

Below are some of the most common questions we hear from clients:

1. How to ensure regulatory compliance through data management practices?
2. Should the cloud be considered for archive or backup?
3. Which data needs to be protected, and which data needs to be eliminated?
4. What strategies exist to reduce storage / backup footprints?
5. Could data be recovered to operate the business after a disaster?

If these are some of the questions you are asking, you are not alone. Since the very beginning, helping our clients define, design, and implement a holistic data life-cycle management strategy has been and continues to be one of our greatest strengths at Zunesis.

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Our Approach

Zunesis begins with understanding the client’s business.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the client’s current data storage, protection, and disposal environment

Meet with key stakeholders to determine what the future state of the business looks like

Once we grasp the current state and the desired future state , Zunesis can help clients define a data life-cycle management strategy that aligns with their business.

Customer Benefits

For each assessment, we provide a written document highlighting our findings along with specific recommendations to improve of optimize the current environment. Practical outcomes include the following:

Data Classification Assessment


For years, Zunesis has been using a common methodology and approach to help organizations understand what data they have today and what their data requirements look like in the future.  This consistent methodology is offered in a service called a Data Classification Assessment.  This Assessment defines what data exists, where it exists, how it is being used and by what applications, the value of the data to the organization, and how the data is (or should be) managed.

We employ automated, agentless information collection tools that quickly provide a wealth of data for analysis. These automated tools, combined with sit-down interviews with key stakeholders, provide a useful understanding of the current state as well as the expectations of the user community from various vantage points.

Zunesis has performed Data Classification Assessments for some of the largest companies in the world, medium-sized commercial firms, and both large and small public sector organizations. Every organization can benefit from this very valuable service.

Storage Assessment

Zunesis offers a Storage Assessment that helps clients reduce cost, decrease complexity, and understand areas of risk in their data storage environment.  Our storage architects work hand-in-hand with our clients to assess these areas:

  • What storage assets exist?
  • What data do they hold?
  • What are the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) associated with specific storage devices and data?
  • How do the current storage architecture and processes support these SLAs and user expectations?
  • What risks exist within the current storage strategy and architecture?


Backup/Recovery Assessment

coaching in the data center

Zunesis offers a Backup/Recovery Assessment for those clients who desire confidence that their backup strategy effectively supports the needs of the business.For this service, we assess these areas:

  • What data exists, and where it is located?
  • How is data being protected?
  • Is data being protected according to its importance and value to the business?
  • Are the defined protection policies working?

Disaster Recovery &
Business Continuity Assessment

Zunesis offers a Disaster Recovery/ Business Continuity Assessment which evaluates the readiness of an organization to effectively recover from a disaster. For this service, Zunesis defines the following:

  • What applications are important to the business?
  • What data is associated with these business critical applications?
  • What are the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for each data set?
  • How are the RPO and RTO being met today?