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Blindly developing a social media strategy based on intuition is an outdated and ineffective way to spread brand awareness. Our Social Insights team will help you develop realistic strategies and create actionable insights from a social data analysis. It’s time to put your trust in social listening companies that will provide you with measurable analytics. Through our reporting, we’ll break down every metric in a relevant and easy-to-digest way, complete with total transparency. Ensure that you and your team don’t miss an opportunity to capitalize on our social listening services. Contact Zunesis for more information including pricing and trial options.

Actionable Insights


Our social data analysts take the time to ensure that our data results are accurate, organic, and reliable. By filtering our data to ignore non-genuine contributors, you can rest assured that our insights are based in complete reality and are an accurate summation of your audience. Our social listening analysts also identify key industry influencers to engage with, potentially amplifying your brand and reputation exponentially.

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Finding and understanding the conversation surrounding your brand, your competitors, and more makes acting on insights a breeze. Social listening allows you to watch the conversations happening across social media and the web around your brand or product in real-time so you can respond immediately or avert a potential crisis before it happens.


  • Great for PR firms, news outlets, restaurant groups, or big events
  • Set up alerts on specific keywords or phrases
  • See the sentiment around your brand the second it happens
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The core of what differentiates us from the typical social media firm. As a social listening company, we see what people and influencers are talking about with your brand. Develop key insights and make crucial business decisions based on all the conversations around the web. Get started now!


  • Learn what people are saying about your brand
  • Intensive competitive and industry analysis.
  • Provide monthly/quarterly data readouts.
  • Provide insights into what your brands could do better
  • Discover hidden conflicts, complaints and crises before they arise or get bigger.
  • Applicable to any industry
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The modern marketing department needs to be nimble, and able to adjust their social strategy to sudden changes in the online climate. Respond to customer inquiries, gauge public sentiment, and analyze competitor strategy. Essential information can be at the fingertips of your marketing team with the help of our Social Insights Packages. Available in monthly or quarterly installments, our packages allow your marketing team to harness the power of social analytics like never before. Our capable analysts are able to work with businesses in any industry or field and will help you develop specific strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Need to be agile? Monthly or quarterly packages allow your marketing team to shift gears quickly and efficiently. Schedule your Social Data Analysis today!

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