A person once said to me that I was the most socially comfortable person they had ever met. In fact, my favorite situation is to be in a room with 50 people where I know no one. When I depart I will know most of them, often finding a connection to at least one from my past or someone we both personally know. Shaking hands, looking into someone’s eyes, breaking the ice with a quick comment or bad joke… my favorite things. Social Media, not so much. Most businesses I talk with have the same hesitation to get engaged.
Zunesis is a leader in digital marketing, assisting companies to become leaders themselvesSocial-Media-and-Digital-Marketing-Zunesis-iWeSocial at the dawn of this new social age. With its main focus on assisting businesses as they transform from legacy IT environments into agile, elastic ones, Zunesis is at the forefront in helping customers to begin the journey to social well. Most businesses that we talk to are facing similar social/mobile challenges, no matter the industry or company size.
So, how does your company overcome the digital marketing challenges of today? The answer: jump in!

How do you start? As a business leader, you know that your brand and the sentiment around it is critical. Having the best people to deliver your product or service is first, positive word of mouth second. These social platforms are the new word of mouth, globally. Production and protection of your brand is your responsibility. Knowing that your brand is in the hands of all those you interface with – employees, customers, future customers, global customers, etc. – can be overwhelming.

Let Zunesis listen for you.


This hand-held, fast-paced, mobile culture isn’t going to disappear. In fact, it is only getting bigger. To continue to think that this is in its infancy and that you have time to adapt is essentially putting your head in the sand. Last I checked, Facebook had the 3rd largest population on the planet behind China and India. Jump into the social game before you get left in the dust. Jump in too late, and the current may sink you.

Zunesis partners with Zerto to deliver comprehensive BC/DR for virtualized environments.
Denver, CO (PRWEB) July 29, 2015
Zerto_Zunesis-206x300Zunesis, Inc. announced today that they have joined the Zerto Alliance Partner (ZAP) Program to offer clients award-winning Zerto Virtual Replication. Zerto’s hypervisor-based solution offers the only business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) built for protecting mission-critical applications deployed in virtualized data centers and cloud environments. Under the program, Zunesis has access to the tools and support to deliver unparalleled, real-time, cost-effective BC/DR to enterprises of all sizes.
“Zerto combines the enterprise-class features of physical replication with the flexibility, ease of management, and scalability of virtual environments,” said Sean Milner, Regional Director, Zerto. “We are proud to collaborate with some of the most innovative and advanced organizations in the world to develop, sell, support, integrate and deliver enterprise-class BC/ DR solutions.”
As one of the leading IT solution providers in the Rocky Mountain Region, Zunesis is thrilled to be able to provide their clients with stable business continuity plans through their new partnership with Zerto.
“We know that our clients need assurance that their mission-critical applications are protected,” said Zunesis CEO, Steve Shaffer. “Their businesses lose money every minute that their systems are down, so they look to us to guarantee that their applications will be protected when the storm comes. We are excited to partner with Zerto because we know they provide that assurance.”
About Zunesis
Zunesis is a leading IT solution provider with locations in Colorado and Nevada. Our vision centers around an intense focus on serving our customers and bringing value to their business through strategic IT solutions. In April 2015, Zunesis was named to the CRN TechElite 250 for the 6th consecutive year as a best-of-breed solution provider with deep technical expertise and premier certifications.
About Zerto
Zerto is committed to keeping enterprise and cloud IT running 24/7 by providing innovative, simple, reliable and scalable business continuity software solutions. Through the Zerto Cloud Continuity Platform, organizations can seamlessly move and protect virtualized workloads between public, private and hybrid clouds. The company’s flagship product, Zerto Virtual Replication, has become the standard for protection, recovery and migration of applications in cloud and virtualized data centers, and won numerous awards, including Best of Show at VMworld 2011, Best of VMworld Europe 2014, as well as 2011, 2012 and 2013 Product of the Year Awards for its innovative hypervisor-based replication approach. For more information, go to http://www.zerto.com.


What in the world does “metathesiophobia” mean? Simply stated, this is the fear of change. The origin of the term is Greek, meta- meaning “change” and -phobos meaning “fear.” We all have fear of change on some level. It is and always evolving; and some of us, more than others, have inherited this trait through our genetics.
When it comes to changes in technology – which we all know are constant – we generally experience two conflicting emotions: we feel excitement at the prospect of something new while simultaneously experiencing a feeling of resistance. We naturally resist change because we fear what we don’t know. Over the years, the evolution of technology has fueled this fear. Although we’ve seen many grand technological advances, we’ve also witnessed too many technology flops to count. This leaves us asking questions about every new technology on the market: What if it does not work? What if this change brings down my network? The list could go on and on indefinitely.
Although it is natural, and even responsible, for IT staff to approach changes in their IT environment with caution, approaching it with fear is not necessary. Worrying about the “What ifs” in any circumstance may help avoid pitfalls, but results are only ever achieved once some level of risk is taken. The beautiful thing is that changing your IT environment doesn’t have to be scary; it can be exciting. It can be done with confidence.
fear-of-change-technology-zunesisWorking with Value-Added Resellers (VARs), who in turn work with companies that have deep R&D budgets, can eliminate the fear associated with implementing new technologies. You can rest assured that the R&D has been done; in fact, manufactures like HP test each new product to the limit, fix the bugs they find, and release to the public once they’re fully confident in the final outcome.
Working with a good VAR like Zunesis allows you the opportunity to demo IT products before you buy them. This means that not only can you be confident that the product or solution works, generally speaking, but you can be confident it will work in your environment. It allows you to see the pros and cons for yourself before you make a purchase decision.
Let Zunesis remove fear from your life. I will be discussing this for my next few blogs. If you would like more information to help you be confident moving forward, let me know; and I will be glad to help.

By now, we have all heard that Microsoft is rolling out another new and improved version of its popular Windows operating system. The new version of Windows, named Windows 10, is set to be released on July 29, 2015. So what does the next generation of Windows offer enterprise and small-to-medium businesses, and is it worth it?
Windows 10 for Business
Win 10 offers protection from modern security treats and includes features like Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport, which, according to Microsoft, make it easier to adopt biometrics and multi-factor authentication using your face, fingerprint, or iris to unlock your device. These features provide a user-friendly way to move away from passwords.
Windows 10 also has built-in defenses to help protect your critical business information from leaks or theft, while separating corporate from personal files. Technologies like Secure Boot and Device Guard ensure you’re protected from power-on to power-off.
Microsoft claims that Windows 10 is familiar and better than ever. It has similarities to Windows 7, including the Start menu, as well as new features like Continuum and Microsoft Edge, which provide new, innovative productivity experiences. Windows Continuum functionality for mobile phones tailors the app experience across devices to transform a phone into a full-powered PC, TV, or even a Smart TV. Microsoft Edge is the all-new Windows 10 browser built to give you a better web experience. Edge allows you to write directly on webpages and share your mark-ups with others. Edge also allows you to read online articles free of distraction or use the reading list feature for saving your favorite reads for later access.


Windows 10 is also expected to drive the next wave of device innovation, powering devices that hang on the wall, team collaboration, and holographic interfaces that open up revolutionary new ways to create, learn, and visualize.
Clearly Microsoft has included some unique and interesting features into Windows 10. Discovering if the new operating system will be embraced by business users will not be known for some time; all we can do is wait for the release and hope for the best. If Windows 10 is not what we expect, be on the lookout for Microsoft to roll out Windows 11 sooner than later.


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