Local and State Government and IT

Supporting growing communities while maintaining IT environments on a budget demands focused and efficient IT solutions. Zunesis will help find solutions for your organization, no matter the size. Zunesis works with departments of any size at the state and local level. We help empower you to do more with less.

Government activity generates massive amounts of data. State and local governments must protect, store and archive volumes of confidential data and compliance regulations. Often, government agencies must maintain aging workstations and servers to stay viable.

Helping Local and State Government

Network Infrastructure

Modernize your network infrastructure to keep up with the changing needs of your community.


Network Security

Hidden network threats are everywhere. Zunesis helps find the solutions to protect and secure your network


Data Storage 

Simplify IT operations, reduce TCO, backup and restore solutions, and much more to protect your most valuable asset, your data.


Services and Assessments

Zunesis’ solution architects have an average of 23 years experience. Let our experienced team help assess your current environment and provide recommendations for yoru current infrastructure. From firewalls to health checks and more, we are here to help.

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