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At Zunesis, we know that data is one of, if not the most valuable asset for your company or organization. With a multitude of storage options out there, Zunesis is here to help you make the best decision for your budget and data needs.

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Zunesis has Experienced Storage and Backup Solution Architects who have decades of experience.

Zunesis is a Service One Partner which means we have the experience to implement and configured HPE Storage and Blade System Solutions while holding the highest level of certifications in this industry.

Beyond implementation, configuration and support of storage solutions. Zunesis can also provide Storage Infrastructure Assessments. During our assessments, we work to help improve or validate our client’s current environment and make recommendations for helping execute on their future strategy.

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Storage Trends and Insights

Storage Trends and Insights

Storage Trends and Insights

Hybrid vs. All-Flash – What’s the difference?

Hybrid or All-Flash? Which makes sense for your IT environment? To find out, download the free iDATA tool here: https://stortrends.com/idata.


Five Critical Business Requirements For Flash Storage

Three Biggest Flash Storage Myths Busted

Insiders Guide To Evaluating All Flash Arrays 2018 Report

Invest In The Right Flash Storage Solution

16 Questions To Ask When Buying Flash Storage

Accelerating The Business Value Of Flash Storage

Fast Forward With All Flash Arrays

Maintain Your Momentum Small Business Solutions for Storage and Backup

Store and Preserve without Limits

Storage and Backup solutions for small businesses

Build a simple, secure, and affordable solution on HPE ProLiant server with the HPE SMB Solutions for Storage and Backup with either the ClearOS software or …


The 10 Top SSD And Flash Storage Products Of 2018 (So Far)

All-flash All The Time Flash storage is the storage media of choice for applications requiring the highest performance. And new high-performance NVMe technology and the up-and-coming server-class memory, combined with improved software increasing flash reliability, availability, and density, flash storage is filtering to an ever-wider range of IT and industrial applications.As a result, the all-flash array market is booming. Analyst firm IDC estimated that first quarter 2018 all-flash ar…

All-flash or Hybrid Flash: How to Decide

Flash storage has quickly taken off, thanks to its ability to use less capacity with greater speed. Flash boosts performance and enables companies to reap benefits like reduced power consumption and consolidated apps per machine.Initially quite expensive, flash storage had been used reservedly, such as for subsets of application data. Although improvements and efficiencies in the technology have resulted in lower prices, there are still cases where using hard disk drives (HDDs) is either mor…

All-Flash Storage Keeps Things Humming in Modern Data Centers

To get the best performance for the least cost, servers, networks and storage components must play well together. Good storage is a must for workloads requiring a high volume of input/output operations per second (IOPS), such as virtualized servers and virtual desktop infrastructure, and to keep pace with powerful server and networking solutions.Enter all-flash storage arrays and solutions that employ Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) to boost performance and bring architectural balance to …

All-flash arrays: The smart person’s guide

Storage-area networks (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS) are large-scale storage arrays on the inside. The storage array is made of dozens or hundreds of hard disks. What if you replace those hard disks with flash memory? You get an all-flash array (AFA), which is disrupting the traditional data storage industry. This guide is an entry-level summary of AFA technology. SEE: All of TechRepublic's smart person's guidesExecutive summaryWhat are all-flash arrays? Exceedingly fast! AFA…

How All-Flash Arrays Can Benefit Health IT Infrastructure

Source: Thinkstock By Elizabeth O'Dowd June 15, 2017 – As healthcare organizations continue to prepare for health IT infrastructure digitization, all-flash arrays (AFAs) are becoming more relevant as a primary storage platform because they can host a variety of mixed workloads. A recent IDC report stated that the AFA market has evolved significantly over the past several years as organizations seek storage solutions that can accommodate mixed workload consolidation. The general move a…

Five Benefits of Flash Storage for the Business World

The way we store and manage data is constantly changing. Optical media like CD-ROMs were state of the art just a few years ago. Now they’re so close to becoming obsolete that most new PCs don't come with any optical drives. Tech evangelists insist that all data will eventually be stored on the cloud, but that doesn't suit every user, especially business and enterprise. Right now, the majority of the world's data are stored on physical drives, those old-style hard disc drives (HDD) that con…

Migrate to all-flash storage, but do it right

New technologies are usually expensive. When we adopt an innovative new technology, we usually use it on specific cases that benefit most from the improved performance and new capabilities. This is how it was when storage moved from tape to disk. When flash storage first became mainstream, we used it in limited applications and in hybrid storage arrays with both flash and moving disk storage. Now, the technology and economics have reached the point where all-flash storage arrays are availabl…

Survey Reveals Tech Trends Reshaping Data Storage

Enterprise Storage Forum recently administered a major survey of IT and business leaders to gauge their data storage plans. The answers have implications for both IT and business units, as companies of all sizes struggle to strategically plan storage purchases in a fast-changing tech landscape.Entitled Data Storage Trends 2018, the survey provides the most comprehensive portrait of today's data storage landscape, from technology to hiring trends to budget decisions. At the end of this articl…

Survey Spotlights Top 5 Data Storage Pain Points

Data storage has been around as long as computing, but based on the Enterprise Storage Forum survey, we have yet to solve all the problems. Entitled Data Storage Trends 2018, the survey reveals that storage professionals face no lack of serious concerns.One of the interesting charts that jumped out at me is about the biggest challenge in operating current storage infrastructure. In essence, this is the  “select your biggest pain” question. Let's dive in.Top Five Data Storage ChallengesWhy are…

Why agencies are turning to object storage — GCN

Why object storage must be part of your data strategy in 2018

Data storage strategies are evolving and object storage is becoming an essential and convenient  tool for enterprises, triumphing over other strategies. Here’s why you should factor object storage into your data strategy in 2018 to best prepare for the future. Data not stored is data thrown away – that simple. Data thrown away is lost value and opportunity. This viewpoint is not new. We live in the information age and data is the fuel that drives it. Failure to store this precious yet enormo…

Four Big Reasons Why Enterprises are Embracing Object Storage

The days of terabyte data storage are quickly becoming history for many organizations. Now, many enterprises are managing petabytes of data to provide a myriad of data intensive services from media streaming to file backups. Increased demand for these services has thrust object storage firmly into the spotlight. As services like Netflix, YouTube, and others deliver larger volumes of content in the form of unstructured data to more and more users, they require solutions that can provide limit…

Object Storage vs Block Storage

Clearly, there is keen interest in the object storage vs. block storage debate, for a variety of reasons. Object storage is in the limelight, thanks to the spectacular growth of cloud computing along with the advent of object-based storage solutions from vendors. Block storage, meanwhile, remains an enterprise mainstay that continues to serve well.Here's what IT pros should know about object and block storage, and how they fit into today's data storage environments.What is object storage?The …

Six factors to consider when choosing object-based storage for your data-driven enterprise

It’s Time for a Modern Data Storage Solution  The proliferation of data continues to fuel the move to cloud and object-based storage (OBS). Enterprises need to modernize their storage to keep pace with the growth of data that IDC predicts will reach 40 ZB by 2020—80 percent of which is estimated to be unstructured. This massive amount of data needs to be stored and accessible for diverse needs across the enterprise, from retrieval of relevant prior radiologic images for patient care to conte…

The Future of Storage: Software

(Timofeev Vladimir/Shutterstock) In the previous story in this series, we looked at innovations occurring in storage hardware. Now it’s time to turn our attention to what’s going on in storage software, where innovation continues to push the boundaries of what is possible.While there are interesting developments around hardware – in particular how storage-class memory technologies are blurring the lines between memory and storage – much of the progress occurring in data management these …

What storage technologies are customers looking for?

In this two part series, we ask vendors and channel companies for their views on the storage technologies SME and enterprise customers are looking for today and what they are likely to be asking for in the future. How prepared are channel partners to deliver, implement and support those storage technologies going forward? What storage technologies are customers looking for today? “The good news for the channel is that storage is hot,” says Chris Adams, president and COO at Park Place Tech…

Enterprise Flash Storage Market Growth 2018

The enterprise data storage market is growing rapidly, and at the center of this is flash storage. Flash storage market growth is robust. Flash is becoming increasingly integral to helping both data center operators and storage vendors weather an IT landscape that is being reshaped by next-generation workloads.Typically packaged into solid-state drives (SSDs), flash started out as a high-performance cure for the performance ills that affected disk-based storage arrays and storage subsystems i…

Converged vs Hyperconverged Storage

Converged and hyperconverged storage systems are changing the way enterprises outfit their data centers and deliver IT services. And both these technologies are part of data storage trends that are gaining momentum. In its recent analysis of the worldwide converged systems market, including both the converged and hyperconverged product categories, IDC found that sales had climbed 9.1 percent in the last quarter of 2017, on a year-over-year basis, for a total of $3.6 billion. For the year, rev…

Featured Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

  • Zerto Backup

  • Zerto Virtual Replication resolves all the challenges of managing a separate legacy solution for offsite backups by including a powerful long-term retention feature in the software. Offsite backups are taken from the replicated VM data in the recovery site, on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule. The backups can be stored on a disk or network share in a 3rd location, dedicated disk-based backup device or even cheap S3 or Blob Storage in AWS or Azure.

  • Veeam Backup & Replication

  • As the leader in Intelligent Data Management, Veeam provides the most complete solution to secure, back up and recover all data regardless of where it resides – ensuring you’re protected at all times.

  • HPE Apollo Servers

  • HPE Apollo 4000 Systems provide solutions that enable the harnessing of big data at businesses ranging from small-to-midsized to enterprise. Overcome data center challenges with optimized platforms to help unlock market-altering insights and store data efficiently.

  • Scality

  • World Leader in Object and Cloud StorageProven with 500 Million Users and 1 Trillion Objects

  • Qumulo Scalable File Storage

  • Qumulo is for organizations with data intensive workloads who need file storage at scale.

  • HPE SimpliVity

  • Streamline IT operations with a fast, simple, and efficient hyperconverged platform. HPE SimpliVity combines your IT infrastructure and advanced data services into a single, integrated all-flash solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional and public cloud offerings. This award-winning hyperconverged solution converges the entire IT stack and offers the industry’s most complete guarantee.

  • HPE Nimble Storage

  • When apps slow down, you’ve hit the app-data gap. HPE Nimble Storage leverages flash storage and predictive analytics to eliminate the gap and guarantee 99.9999% availability1, delivering the best all-flash capacity per TB in the industry – and future-proofing design for value today and tomorrow.

  • HPE 3PAR StorServ

  • The HPE 3PAR StorServ family of flash-optimized data storage systems modernizes your data center to  handle unpredictable workloads effortlessly, and HPE has the only storage smart enough to guarantee 99.9999% data availability.1 Get rapid and automated provisioning, multi-tenant design, hardware-accelerated deduplication and compression, and sub-1ms latency—all in a tier-1 storage architecture that starts small and scales big.

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