Edge Computing

Zunesis is a Leader in the Edge Computing Space

As this exciting new technology unfolds, Zunesis, a leader among edge computing companies, has partnered with best-in-class Analytics Application partners, gaining recognition for our unique expertise in this fast-growing field. We are creating new ways to address age-old business challenges and are helping companies become more proactive than reactive in today’s fast-paced market.

Let our team help your business design, refresh, or expand upon edge technologies. Start computing at the edge!

Specialized Areas of Focus for Zunesis

Video Analytics

Facial Recognition

Anomaly Detection

Compute, Storage, and Networking at the Edge

7 Reasons Why to Start Computing at the Edge

REDUCE THREATS: when you transfer data across the campus, state, country or ocean, it is simply more prone to attacks and breaches. Processing data at the edge can reduce security vulnerabilities.

LOWER COSTS: even if bandwidth is available, it can be costly. Efficiency is an important element of any corporate IoT strategy.

REDUCE BANDWIDTH: sending big data back and forth from things to the cloud can consume enormous bandwith. Choosing a high-level edge computing company to handle your edge computing is the easiest solution to this problem.

MINIMIZE LATENCY: applications done in real time to minimize defects. Immediate insight and control.

AVOID DUPLICATION: if all the data is collected and sent to the cloud, there will likely be some equipment duplication in memory, storage, networking equipment, and software. If this duplication is not needed, then the associated increases in capital and operating expenditures are unwarranted.

IMPROVE RELIABILITY: even without any nefarious activity from hackers, data can be corrupted on its own. Retries, drops and missed connections will plague edge-to-data-center communications. Even today, cell phone calls can be broken up or dropped.

MAINTAIN COMPLIANCE: Laws and corporate policies govern the remote transfer of data. For example, certain countries forbid companies from moving the personal data of their citizens outside their borders.



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