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What Are Current Employees Saying?

Testimonials 1

At Zunesis, I have held positions from Customer First Manager to Inside Sales to Inside Sales Account Manager. Zunesis has allowed me a great work-life balance, and the opportunity to develop professionally in the IT industry, while working with a fun, friendly team of professionals. If you like a dynamic work environment, with the opportunity for growth and higher earnings, I would definitely recommend Zunesis!

Elaina Hadley
Customer FIRST Manager, Inside Sales

I have been working for Zunesis as a Financial Specialist, and I have enjoyed being a part of this team. What I enjoy the most is how well we all fit together, so it’s more like an extended family than co-workers. Everyone gets along with one another. The fact that we can all spend our work weeks together as well as outside of the work place speaks volume in my opinion. Having an “open door” concept is also great. Everyone is included, and all their input is accepted. Knowing we have a team where everyone participates is hard to come by, because we all care about this company and better yet, we care about each other.

Jenny McCulloch
Financial Specialist

I came from managing an IT Department, so I appreciate Zunesis’ mantra of Customer FIRST. This idea helps shape our culture. It provides a framework which (1) Keeps Sales and Services on the same page, (2) Assists in making decisions even in difficult circumstances (do the right thing, every time), and (3) Allows some freedom for me to pursue the technologies and/or projects I would like to work. The small company feel allows for greater collaboration across all levels of the company, including the CEO. On the personal side, there is a culture which fosters family relationships, i.e. we are encouraged to make time for our families. As a father and husband, this is a requirement of any position.

Joe Tressler
Solution Architect
Testimonials 2

During my time at Zunesis, we have been through the Recession of 2008/2009, the country has been through 3 presidential elections, we have seen major players in the tech industry rise and fall, we have seen the industry change focus from virtualization to cloud computing, and – on a personal note – my 3 children have been born while I was employed here. Through it all Zunesis has, almost like family, celebrated or consoled every step of the way. We stand side by side, as we work hard, sometimes long hours, toward our mutual success and the success of the company. If you have a desire to grow professionally and personally, be part of an honest company that is like a family, and make great money while doing it, then this is the job for you!

Tom Savage
Inside Sales Manager
Testimonials 3

Working at Zunesis for over 15 years has provided challenges that have helped me grow professionally and as an individual. Professionally, I have had the freedom to explore new technologies, develop new skills, and involve myself in a variety of projects that keep work life interesting and my knowledge current. Because we are a small company, every individual has an impact on the success of the company; and this provides a sense of responsibility and accountability I haven’t found at larger companies. Personally, I have experienced the value of a Family first environment, where responsibility to family is understood. And, our long-term involvement with Habitat for Humanity has allowed me to impact the lives of other families within the Denver community in a positive, very personal way.

James Hughes
VP of Technical Services

I joined the Zunesis family as a Senior Account Executive in the Las Vegas office. After 20 years in technology sales with large manufactures and partners, I was looking for a boutique company with an energetic, close-knit team. Having found exactly that at Zunesis, I’ve seen my annual sales more than double (while my quota has stayed the same). If you’re looking to for a supportive, upbeat environment, come join Zunesis!

Sara Wessells
Senior Account Executive

The most captivating attribute this place has is its team culture. Everyone is willing to drop what they are doing and lend a hand. The willingness to help others in an organization is very rare nowadays, but it’s a core competency here. I am a true believer of employee satisfaction equals client satisfaction, and you’ll find that here.

Peter Knoblock
Senior Project Manager
Testimonials 4

I have been at Zunesis for 10+ years after a career with large corporations. As a small company, each employee can make a direct impact on the organization. Management allows you to take on as much responsibility as you can handle. Given that you make a positive impact on sales and are doing what is right by the customer, you have great flexibility in how you serve clients. There is also a high degree of teamwork. Everyone is willing to jump in and help when needed.

Michael Gossselin
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