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When a university’s IT environment is not performing at the levels that its students expect, it can impact the overall impression of the institution. Education is arguably one of the most important industries across the globe. Future generations count on the system to be successful at networking and to provide them with cutting-edge solutions to create the best student experience possible in today’s marketplace.

Whether you are looking to implement Office 365 for your students and faculty, or you need to redefine your campus network infrastructure to allow for increased speed, efficiency, and security, Zunesis has the experience to deliver the higher education IT solutions that your organization needs.

IT Solutions for Higher Education


The evolving landscape of the education industry has created endless opportunities for growth and collaboration.  With this comes the increased concerns of protecting important information so that students, teachers, and staff feel safe. There are plenty of opportunities for proficient hackers to gain access to critical information.

Our solution architects can evaluate your current environment and recommend IT solutions for education to make you better prepared for potential attacks and other security risks.



Your institution needs to stay current and meet the latest demands of this mobile society without sacrificing innovation, efficiency, or security.

We increase industry mobility by helping with some of the following:

  • Implementation of a secure network that allows students to access textbooks and connect with each other, as well as teachers, immediately, helping boost innovation and productivity
  • Design, architecture, installation, and support of a high-performance, high-availability wireless network
  • Identify shortcomings and mobile security vulnerabilities in existing networks and offer cost-effective solutions to rectify them


Remote Work

With more people working, teaching, and learning from home, there is a pressing need for secure and reliable access to school resources at any time, from any device, and from any location.


Distance Learning and Collaboration

Colleges and universities are rethinking how they approach distance learning—adopting strategies to expand innovative remote and blended learning experiences to help attract and retain top students and faculty.


Physical Security

Today’s exceptional circumstances have created a new demand for solutions that provide a safer environment for those returning to school campus.


Cyber Security

As more professors, staff members, and students operate on the network edge, the cyberattack surface has increased dramatically.  Safeguarding confidential personal and financial information
requires schools to have comprehensive and proactive security.


Services and Assessments

Zunesis’ solution architects have an average of 23 years of experience. Let our experienced team help assess your current environment and provide recommendations for higher education IT solutions for your current infrastructure. From firewalls to health checks and more, we are here to help.

Higher Education Success Stories

colorado mesa university

Colorado Mesa University
Wireless Infrastructure Overhaul

fort lewis college

Fort Lewis College
Upgrades Storage Environment

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