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Assessment Services

Our Assessment Services provide you the information you need to understand

your environment, make informed decisions, and set strategies.

Where are you in your virtualization execution?  Is private or public cloud right for you? Do you understand your data growth and how to leverage data to improve your business? Our assessment services can provide you the information you need to make informed decisions on your cloud strategy, data growth and analytics, social media approach and much more.

Our assessment goal is to reveal valuable information to aid in setting strategies and leveraging technologies to meet your customer demands, improve service levels, and ultimately increase your organization’s profitability.

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Big Data Assessment


Growing data sizes and increasing needs of organizations to store, process and interpret meaningful insights from their enterprise data is now top-of-mind for many IT leaders today. Bottom line: companies need to efficiently store and process large chunks of varied datasets collected at a fast speed to provide the best value to their organization.

The challenges of data management and analytics in the intelligent economy are likely to overwhelm organizations that are not conversant with Big Data technologies. The Big Data market is being driven by a combination of changing business requirements, improvements in technology and a massive increase in the amount of data being generated. There is more data available now than ever before, and it is growing exponentially. These data sources are not new, but the volume of data is growing exponentially as technology advances.

Zunesis works with your IT and lines of business managers in a highly interactive engagement to understand your business priorities and drivers. From this we deliver a Big Data strategy document specific to your organization that summarizes our findings with specific use case development and recommendations.


Creation of a common understanding and definition

Identification and prioritization of key use cases

Big Data Readiness Report

Data classification

Recommended Architecture and Execution plan


Create a set of high-value use cases that have a direct and tangible impact to your business

Understand how Big Data fits into your existing IT infrastructure

Understand how to leverage Big Data across your organization

Deepen business insights and extend your competitive advantage

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Many organizations are asking themselves, “How my business can benefit from the cloud? What specific cloud services make the most sense for my business? How do we get started?” Most experts agree that cloud computing has – and will continue to have – a profound effect on IT strategy and consumption. Zunesis provides a complete set of cloud, data center, and virtualization services that are designed to help our customers in meeting their business goals and requirements.

At Zunesis, we believe the first important step is to define a cloud vision and strategy that aligns with the goals and objectives of your organization. In the Cloud Discovery Workshop, we will work through 13 key modules to identify this strategy, and build a process roadmap to the cloud. By considering all key business and technical aspects of a cloud computing strategy, the Cloud Readiness Assessment provides financial analysis, blueprint designs for management and infrastructure, and a project plan for launching  a cloud computing strategy.



Classify existing unstructured data by file type, age, use, value to business, etc.

Relate unstructured data to its application(s), from data lifecycle and application criticality perspectives

Deliver Cloud Transformation Roadmap

Financial model and business justification for moving to the Cloud


Help define the strategy and the services that will benefit the organization

Understand how unstructured data is used as information and its importance in achieving the organization's mission

Data Classification Assessment

Security and Networking

Many of our customers need to develop a strategy to implement data lifecyle management to maintain and protect their business critical information and reign in unnecessary costs. They need to understand what is causing the growth in Data and how this data affects the overall IT cost structure.

One of the issues that impact IT departments in almost every industry is the explosive growth of unstructured data. Data streams into a business from multiple sources and includes office documents, emails, digital media, and scanned documents to name a few. Because of changing legal and regulatory requirements, businesses are required to maintain this data for long periods of time. The combination of rapid growth and the requirement to keep data indefinitely is beginning to strain the underlying storage infrastructure, impacting disaster recovery mechanisms and data protection schemes and complicating the day to day operation of the information technology department. The result is increased risk to business critical information and growing costs for hardware, maintenance, power, cooling and administration.


Storage Architecture diagram

Observations about current infrastructure and use

Recommendations for optimizing the storage environment

Classify existing unstructured data by file type, age, use, value to business, etc.


Understanding of where unstructured data resides in the physical architecture

Understand how unstructured data is used as information and its importance in achieving the mission of the Client

Relate unstructured data to its application(s), from data lifecycle and application criticality perspectives

Infrastructure Assessment

Many of our customers need to develop a strategy to implement and support the IT Infrastructure. Many times, they just need to know what they have, where is it in the technology lifecycle, and are they positioned correctly for future growth.

Today IT departments are challenged to develop and implement a reliable, efficient IT Infrastructure.  This requires time to plan, strategize and to be proactive in their support.  Is your IT Infrastructure ready to take on the changes in business?  Are you following best practices?  Are you positioned to take advantage of evolving technology and changes in work dynamics?  The Zunesis Infrastructure Assessment will assess your current IT infrastructure and deliver a report detailing observations regarding hardware, software and the business processes impacted by your IT environment. Leveraging information about current state IT and considering future business plans an IT strategy will be developed that addresses short-term issues plus build a framework for a long-term roadmap for evolving and supporting your IT infrastructure.



Documentation on current hardware, software and applications

Observations about current infrastructure and use

Short term recommendations and areas for improvement

Long term strategy and positioning


Free-up your existing IT resources for strategic areas

Improve uptime and data availability

Undertand your current IT state

Social Media and Digital Assessment


By providing a snapshot of where your organization currently stands and by highlighting areas in which you can strengthen your performance, the Social Media and Digital Assessments can also help you progress towards more effective Social Media communications and Online advertising presence. There are four broad categories we recommend you to focus on in your Social Assessment: Your Social Media strategy, its implementation, its integration and its support. For your Digital Marketing Assessment focus on your challenges, goals, strategy and implementation.

Social Media Assessment

The Social Media Assessment provided by Zunesis is a critical exercise to understanding your organizations maturity of using Social Media and / or opportunity of leveraging Social Media to create strategic competitive advantage. Assessment deliverables will include an in-depth report and presentation that provides you with a how-to guide grounded on proven methodology, research and insights. For those that have already incorporated some form of Social Media, the assessment is a service that will help you evaluate your effectiveness of using Social Media. The report will identify what’s working well, what’s not, and what might work better with some adjustments. For those that are new to Social Media, the assessment will help kick-start your Social Media endeavors by providing you with a set of best-practices on how to execute your Social Media strategy.

Digital Marketing Assessment

The Digital Marketing Assessment may encompass Search Engine Optimization, Website UX/UE, Content Strategy and Paid Search recommendations. Our assessments are built around the individual marketing needs of your company. The Digital Marketing Assessment measures where you are today and what integrated marketing must take place to meet your objectives and growth. Assessment deliverables will include an in-depth report and presentation that provides you with critical issues as well as minor items and the step-by-step on how to resolve these concerns to optimize your digital marketing efforts. Whether you are a novice in the digital marketing arena or have implemented an integrated strategy, we can assess, measure and recommend a plan based on best practice and best of industry tactics.


Planning and scoping document

In-depth social listening or digital marketing report

Discovery of your current state

Comprehensive report with recommendations


Develop a set of proven rules and frameworks for Social and Digital Marketing success

Reap measurable, predictable results and significant ROI from your social and online activity

Stay connected to your customers in a way that is both time and budget efficient

Optimize your marketing for increased online presence and higher traffic

Gain up-to-the-minute customer insights for increased sales, improved service, faster product development and more effective marketing

Listen, understand and act on social conversations on a large scale

Virtualization Assessment

Many of our customers have virtualized over the last few years.  However, as with most initiatives, the virtualization process is either not complete, aged, or does not follow changes in best practices.

Today, many companies are using virtualization and have been for many years. Are you using virtualization effectively and efficiently? Are there additional servers, applications or clients that can and should be virtualized? Are your business critical applications a candidate for virtualization?  Whether you are looking at Server virtualization or client virtualization, our Virtualization Assessment and Operational Analysis can provide you with the information needed to improve you virtual environment or fast track your IT project.



Documentation on current environment

Observations about current virtualization and use

Short term recommendations and areas for improvement


Improved uptime and data availability

Create a long term strategy

Understand your current environment