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Zunesis, a ProCern company, is a prominent IT solutions provider in enterprise infrastructure, cloud and on-premise solutions. Our home is in Colorado and we also have a significant business base in Las Vegas, Nevada. We currently serve customers throughout the Rocky Mountain Region and Western United States. Our many years of consistent success can  be attributed to the fact that we have been able to attract and retain outstanding people, while making sure that our customers are successful.

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sustainability and technology

Learn more about the values at the heart of how we operate our business.

sustainability and technology

Learn why we put the customer first when it comes to how we run our business.

sustainability and technology

Learn more about the non-profits we are affiliated with, and the ways we give back.

Our customers range from large Fortune 500 companies to small and mid-market accounts that rely on information technology to fuel their business. Zunesis also provides IT infrastructure solutions to State and Local Governments, Colleges and Universities, and K-12 school districts. Public Sector and Commercial mid-market have been our fastest growing business segments. Our broad portfolio of clients provides an array of experiences and expertise that can be leveraged to enhance the overall effectiveness of Zunesis personnel, while minimizing risk through repetition and experience. No single Zunesis client provides more than 10% of our total annual income. Our broad portfolio of clients minimizes the risk to the business and allows changes in buying patterns and budgets to be absorbed without major impacts.

History of Zunesis

Zunesis was incorporated in July of 2004; and the business officially started on October 1, 2004, when seven other like-minded founding members joined the organization.  The unique name “Zunesis” was proposed by one of our founding members and is derived from the Greek word “Sunesis,” which means, “multiple sources of knowledge and understanding flowing together to create something greater than the sum of the parts.” This meaning captured the way the founding members felt about each other and our clients. We believed that, “together we could accomplish great things.”

From the very beginning, teamwork and synergy have been vital parts of the Zunesis culture.  When the company was founded, our vision was to serve customers with passion and build lasting partnerships in the process.

In 2021, Zunesis merged with ProCern Technology Solutions (previously known as Absolute Performance Inc.) in a move to increase the offerings to our customers. ProCern Technology Solutions has grown over the past few years, adding more IT solution providers across North America to their portfolio becoming the elite end-to-end technology provider that it is today. As part of ProCern Technology Solutions, Zunesis’ vision remains the same to make the lives of its clients better by managing their IT strategy and management needs.

Core Values

We Believe in 3 Big Ideas:


We Believe in Making the Lives of Our Clients Better

Our vision at Zunesis is to make the lives of our customers better. We strive to live out operating with trust and integrity, following through on commitments, exceeding expectations, and serving clients with zeal. We believe that the client’s needs trump everything else and that making the lives of our clients better is a high and worthy calling.


We Believe in a Strong Team Culture

We believe in a culture that relies on sincere teamwork, technical & sales excellence, respect for all team members, and a strong conviction that we each have an important role to play. Our humble attitude, fun-loving spirit, quest for excellence and growth, and desire to help each other form the basis of our team culture. We believe that a desire to get better and improve is essential to success. We believe in a culture where we are always growing and becoming more effective in how we serve clients and one another.


We Believe in Making a Positive Impact in Our Community

At Zunesis, our grander vision is to make the lives of those living in our community better. Zunesis employees believe in supporting and giving back to our local community. Since 2008, Zunesis has worked closely with Habitat for Humanity – Metro Denver to invest in hard-working families in our own backyard and across the world in developing countries.

Community Philanthropy

Each year, Zunesis  partners with Habitat for Humanity – Metro Denver and Habitat for Humanityfunds the construction of a home for a hard-working family in our community . In addition to providing the funds for that home, Zunesis employees, customers, and vendor partners volunteer their time to help build the home with the family. Zunesis utilizes Habitat for Humanity – Metro Denver as the mechanism to live out our “grander vision” to make the lives of the people in our community  better.

Our commitment to community philanthropy and Habitat for Humanity is rooted in our desire to have a positive, life-changing impact in the world around us. Habitat for Humanity provides a “Hand-UP” to worthy families – families who work very hard in building their own home, learning the rigors of home ownership through comprehensive training and educations, and holding true financial accountability through interest-free monthly house payments. Our CEO, Steve Shaffer, contributes, “Our passion to support Habitat for Humanity is rooted in the empirical proof that this program enriches the lives of everyone it touches and dramatically improves the likelihood of success for home recipients.”











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