Customer First

Customer First Zunesis


is the DNA of Zunesis

FLEXIBLE  |  Our clients expect Zunesis to be flexible because their business challenges are distinct, their IT infrastructures and needs are particular, and their cultures and constraints are unique. Our focus is always on the needs of our clients, not our solutions. Our ability to be flexible is a key component of Customer First. We desire to serve our clients in the unique way they want to be served.

INVESTED  |  Our clients demand that we are invested and are experts in the solutions we promote. Our investments show up in three key areas:


1.   Engineering talent with the highest level of technical certifications.

2.   Technical best practices that can be leveraged by our clients.

3.   A comprehensive lab where we can demonstrate and test solutions to minimize risk for our clients.


Our lab also allows our engineers to test configurations and solution ideas as well as hone their skills on specific technologies.

RESPONSIVE  |  Our clients expect Zunesis to respond to their needs quickly. As a result, Zunesis is designed for speed. We empower employees to make decisions on the spot, and we have eliminated as much red tape and bureaucracy as possible in order to allow our employees to serve clients as quickly as possible. Speed and responsiveness are “designed in” to everything we do including quote turnaround time, professional services and responding to a client’s outage or emergency.

STRATEGIC  |  Our clients have asked us to be strategic when proposing solutions to their business needs and challenges. To do this, we believe it is essential that we understand the strategic direction, plans, objectives and goals of our clients. Once we understand the business of our clients, we can recommend IT solutions that are offered in the proper context. Furthermore, Zunesis is able to proactively recommend ideas and solutions that we have experienced and seen in other client environments. We want to invest the time and resources necessary to understand fully where you are today and where you want to be in the future.

TRUSTED  |  In the same way that Zunesis desires to be a trusted advisor to our clients, our clients have told us that they desire a trust-based relationship with their IT solution partners. Trust takes time to build, but adhering to the following ideas creates an environment where trust can be cultivated:


Always put the best interest of the customers first.


Follow through on commitments.


*   Communicate exceptionally well, and identify and communicate problems quickly.

*   Accept responsibility for failure and take swift corrective action.

*   Always do the right thing, every time, even if it hurts.






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