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When is the last time you performed a wireless site survey? Most companies do not check their wireless network regularly. Often, wireless access points will be configured, deployed, and forgotten until a user enters a support ticket. Wireless systems can also be installed incorrectly from the beginning, without proper evaluation of the environment. The typical “evaluation” we see when purchasing a new wireless solution is a Predictive Site Survey, where a network engineer will import floor plans into a tool and draw walls on the map to give them an idea of what their coverage area will look like when the solution is deployed.

These predictive surveys do a great job at telling you where to place the AP’s, but they lack the real-world data to create the best channel plan to minimize interference with your building neighbors (for example). A wireless site survey from Zunesis is more comprehensive. There are many variables in a wireless deployment; even something as small as a microwave oven can cause interference when in use.

The Zunesis Wireless (WiFi) Site Survey aims to give network engineers the real-world data they need to ensure a healthy and robust wireless network with minimal RF interference. Whether you are looking to upgrade your wireless network or validate a recent installation, a professional site survey will give your engineers the data they need to minimize the support calls.



  • Planning session to confer on objectives and goals for the IT assessment service

  • Walkthrough of site using the Ekahau Wireless (WiFi) Site Survey tool

  • Recommended AP installation locations

  • Detailed Wireless Site Survey report including individual floor plans, points of interference, and coverage area

  • Heat maps detailing RF coverage for individual floor plans

  • Spectrum analysis for individual floor plans of potential interference, such as microwave ovens

  • Validate a recent wireless network installation

  • Fine tune their existing deployment to minimize interference and get the most out of your company’s investment

  • Create a channel plan (regarding neighboring wireless networks) for an upcoming deployment

  • Identify access point locations to provide the best coverage area for the building


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