Helping Organizations Maximize Their Investments to Drive Optimal Performance


Organizations need to do four things well in order to survive and thrive in the idea economy.

These are four areas our customers have told us are impacting their business the most as they transform to a digital enterprise. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Zunesis are helping organizations develop in these areas in order to maximize their investments to drive optimal performance.

Transform to a hybrid infrastructure: Accelerate the delivery of apps and services to your enterprise with the right mix of traditional IT, private, and public cloud. This is about having the right infrastructure optimized for each of your applications whether in your traditional data center or in a public, private, or managed cloud. It all has to work together seamlessly. In order to create and deliver new value instantly and continuously, businesses need infrastructure that can be composed and re-composed to meet shifting demands, infrastructure that will allow organizations to adjust when the inevitable disruption arrives. Your infrastructure has to be everywhere, at the right cost, at the right performance, with the right management, at the right scale. A hybrid infrastructure, one that combines public cloud, private cloud, and traditional IT can maximize performance, allowing for continuous delivery, improved efficiency, and optimized costs.


Protect the digital enterprise: Protect your most prized digital assets whether they are on premise, in the cloud, or in between. This is about security and risk management in the digital world. IT security used to be about defending the perimeter from external threats. The transformation of enterprise IT has created a matrix of widely distributed interactions between people, applications, and data on and off premise, on mobile devices and in the cloud. Security threats can be external or internal in nature and can represent malicious or unintentional actions. Enterprises lack the skills, resources, and expertise required to proactively manage this threat.  Enterprises must adhere to complex regulatory, compliance, and data protection issues and ensure enterprise-wide resiliency & business continuity in the face of natural and cyber disasters. All of this requires new thinking and security strategies that enable new ways to do business.


Empower the data-driven organization: Harness 100% of your relevant data to empower people with actionable insights that drive superior business outcomes. This is about how companies harness all relevant business, human, and machine data to drive innovation, growth and competitive advantage. This means empowering stakeholders to make timely and targeted decisions based on actionable, data-derived insights. A data-driven organization strives to rapidly discover the value of its data through an optimized data-centric infrastructure.  This foundation understands and engages with customers by listening and interpreting patterns within customer data, uncovers competitive advantages and new market opportunities, and uses data to streamline operations and enable a leaner and faster organization.


Enable workplace productivity: Deliver experiences that empower employees and customers to achieve better outcomes. The workplace is now digital, with interactions and experiences delivered to employees and customers across a multiplicity of locations, time, and devices. Enterprises must deliver rich digital and mobile experiences to customers, employees and partners, in order to engage employees and improve customer experience. Users expect personal, contextual and secure experiences. As enterprises look to improve productivity and drive customer loyalty, they must deliver highly engaging employee experiences and better serve customers through seamless, personal, contextual experiences.


Success in these four areas requires a partner able to bring all these elements together, aligned to your industry and your enterprise. This is the heart of what Hewlett Packard Enterprise and their trusted Platinum Partner Zunesis deliver. The process is unique for every organization, and the goal is about building business services to drive new products, services, business models, and experiences to compete in the idea economy. HPE and Zunesis help customers deal with big IT challenges and major shifts in technology. To thrive in the idea economy, you have to pick a transformation partner with the vision and breadth to create the best possible future.







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