Hewlett Packard Enterprise recently started transitioning their support offerings from HPE Foundation Care and Proactive care to HPE Pointnext Tech Care.  This new service goes beyond problem identification and resolution by helping customers get the most from their HPE technology. New innovations include fast multi-channel access to product-specific experts, an AI-driven digital experience, and general technical guidance to help customers achieve operational efficiency.



Standard features of the HPE Pointnext Tech Care experience

Product-Specific Expertise
Gone are the days of navigating complex escalations. With HPE Pointnext Tech Care, you get fast access to experts who specialize in the specific product you need support on. You can also benefit from HPE-assisted forums for community sharing, best practices and answers to common questions. And HPE’s library of hundreds of videos and configuration guides developed by HPE engineers will help to enable quick self-resolution of many issues.

General Technical Guidance
With HPE Pointnext Tech Care, you can gain expert technical advice for the operation and management of your products. Our experts augment skills gaps on your teams and can help your staff leverage best practices based on a knowledge base of thousands of other IT organizations. You have the freedom to engage experts beyond break fix by talking to an expert to brainstorm how to do things better, and by leveraging best practices and approaches to common issues.

AI-Driven Digital Experience
HPE Pointnext Tech Care delivers a data-driven and modern customer experience, featuring a powerful AI-based virtual agent, personalized task alerts and self-serve digital case management. The experience is optimized by the data coming from your HPE products, helping you to take action as quickly as possible. Streamline contract and warranty management by receiving faster and more complete visibility of your services and what resources are available to you. And HPE’s unique Visual Remote Guidance augmented-reality support can help on-site staff work with remote experts to get to solutions faster.


Pointnext Tech Care Support Offerings

Regardless of your coverage window, incidents with covered hardware or software can be reported to HPE via telephone, web portal, chat, or forums as locally available.  An automated equipment reporting event uses HPE electronic remote support solution 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For HPE products covered by HPE Pointnext Tech Care, HPE offers three service levels tailored to the Customer’s operational requirements:


  • 2-hour response 9×5 (standard business hours) Next business day on-site attendance


  • 15-minute response 24×7 for severity 1 incidents (direct connect to product specialist where available)
  • 24×7 4-hour on-site attendance


  • 15-minute response 24×7 for severity 1 incidents (direct connect to product specialist where available)
  • Outage management for severity 1 incidents
  • 24×7 6-hour hardware repair commitment (where applicable)

 Optional features include

  • DMR (Defective media retention)
  • CDMR (Comprehensive Defective media retention)
  • Preventive maintenance (only with HPE contractual services)
  • Hardware Exchange Service

All service levels provide 24×7 access to online self-serve and self-solve capabilities and 24×7 incident logging.  For supported devices, 24×7 HPE InfoSight analytics and automated incident submission are available.


HPE Pointnext Complete Care

HPE Pointnext Complete Care is a modular, edge-to-cloud IT environment service. It provides a holistic approach to optimizing your entire IT environment. It works to achieve agreed upon IT outcomes and business goals through a personalized and customer-centric experience. All delivered by an assigned team of HPE Pointnext experts. 

For assistance with selecting current support, please see the guide, below:


hpe pointnext tech care


Our Renewals and Professional Services Team at Zunesis is available to assist you. We identify the best service level and options for your unique environment.  If you are a current Zunesis customer, we will notify you within 30-90 days of support expiration. We will assist in helping you select a customized service level to meet your support requirements. Contact Zunesis with any questions you may have.


The Marrying of Two Companies

Recently, Zunesis and Absolute Performance Inc. (API) merged to become one big, beautiful offering for our clients. One of the most exciting parts about the coming together of these two companies is that, where Zunesis’ offerings end, API’s offerings begin. So just like that, overnight, we have twice the IT delivery and twice the fun!


Who is Zunesis?

Zunesis is a services and solutions provider for all things Enterprise Infrastructure. We help our customers navigate the deployment and refresh cycles of their IT infrastructure. Specifically, we partner with our clients to provide complete, end-to-end solutions, which includes but is not limited to the strategizing, planning, and consulting of a next generation infrastructure. We cover all areas from the implementation, deployment, and/or migration of each project and each business initiative.


Who is Absolute Performance Inc?

API is also an IT service provider but luckily, API’s areas of expertise compliment (not duplicate) the services in which Zunesis offers. API focuses on infrastructure management and data & application modernization. The possibilities are seemingly endless with the array of services and solutions in API’s wheelhouse. They focus on the entire IT stack, including hybrid technologies, and serving customers across the globe.


What changes for customers?

It is important to note that the merging of Zunesis and API does not change anything for our customers. The personnel that you have grown to know and trust will not change. What we offer will not change. Our process and how we serve our customers will not change. Your point of contact and account management will not change. The ONLY difference is that we now have twice the technical expertise and twice the IT resources to go around!


Company Culture

As the people of Zunesis and API continue learning and understanding each new side of the business, one thing I can tell you is that the culture of each company (now one) creates a place where people can flourish and thrive. Both companies are considered a small business and both take a tremendous amount of pride in their company values. The importance of this as it relates to our customers, is that being on the same page internally, allows us all to continue focusing on everyone’s number one priority, which is serving each customer to the absolute best of our abilities.


The importance of a healthy partnership

As in marriage, a healthy partnership is key.  Here are some parallels in the ‘coming together’ of Zunesis/API and a marriage:

  • Importance of supporting independent growth
  • Providing strength in areas where the other may lack
  • An open mind to utilizing tactics that have proven successful for the other party
  • Importance of sharing the same values and end-goals
  • Desire and passion to succeed

Contact Zunesis to find out how we can marry our solutions and services with your organization.





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