One issue that impacts every IT department is the explosive growth of data. Data streams into a business from multiple sources and includes office documents, emails, digital media (including security camera and bodycam), and scanned documents to name a few. Businesses are often required to maintain this data for long periods of time. The combination of rapid growth, the requirement to keep data indefinitely, and the increasing importance of data to the viability of a business is leading our clients to assess the data management practices and create a data management strategy that fits your individual needs.

The Zunesis Data Management Assessment Service can be used to focus separately on Production Data, Archive Data, Backup/Recovery, or it can encompass all three. Is data being stored in line with its value to the business? Is the protection scheme appropriate to meet RPO/RTO? Will the current infrastructure be able to meet demands for future performance and growth? The goal of this Data Management Assessment service is to help our customers develop a data management strategy then implement processes that will accommodate data growth and provide data availability, security, and protection of business-critical information. Schedule your IT security risk assessment now.



  • Storage Architecture Diagram

  • Observations about current data management practices

  • Recommendations for improving data management practices

  • Documentation of short-term and long-term goals and objectives

  • Document current data management practices

  • Document strategies for aligning data management to the goals of the business

  • Develop processes for protecting data based on business needs

  • Document short-term and long-term objectives






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