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If you’re a small-to-medium-sized business (SMB) in Denver needing edge computing, Zunesis is here to help. We often use edge computing to power facial recognition and video analytics services.

Edge computing is the practice of using many different servers to handle small workloads together and it provides lower latency, enhanced performance, lower costs, and many other benefits.

As schools, governments, and private companies look to add increased safety measures to public and private facilities, this technology is becoming more and more important. Zunesis is here to help businesses in Denver install edge computing to maximize security options for public safety, contact tracing, or general security for a company’s assets.

From ideation and organization to installation and setup, our experienced team can assist with every step of your project. Whether your tech needs include data storage solutions, IT migration services, or video analytics & facial recognition software, Zunesis is the best choice in the area to install an edge computing network for your Denver business.

Don’t wait for a problem to arise. Contact Zunesis online to learn more about your options. We provide it services to businesses in the Rocky Mountain Region. We provide many industries with IT services including education, healthcare, manufacturing, and even financial institutions. Any business that needs to use computers or has critical information to secure can benefit from the IT solutions and services provided by Zunesis. Call now to get started! (720) 221-5200


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