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Dropbox Business

What is Dropbox Business?


500 Million registered users around the world rely on Dropbox to work anytime, anywhere. Dropbox Business secures this powerful collaboration network with a robust set of visibility and control features, allowing IT to protect company data and comply with industry regulations. By leveraging the tool employees love, over 200,000 leading companies have chosen Dropbox Business as the unified home for your team’s content and collaboration around it.

Employees’ Favorite Tool for Work

Employees today rely on Dropbox to be more productive across any device or platform. Powerful collaborations features help them work better with colleagues and reduce friction when working with valued partners, vendors, or contractors.

Dropbox Business


  • Device and platform agnostic: Works across over 40 operating systems
  • Online/offline access: Helps employees stay productive home or on the go
  • Smart Sync: See all files and folders in context on the desktop, even if they are not stored locally
  • Productivity tools: Scan and search across receipts, whiteboards, and sketches with document scanning
  • Plenty of storage space: As much as you need, with separate accounts for work and personal data.

Collaboration and Security

  • Dropbox Paper: More than a doc, Dropbox Paper is a flexible workspace that brings people and ideas together.
  • Comments and annotations: Comment on docs or specific parts of any file, including PDFs, for more precise feedback and streamline communication
  • Version history and deletion recovery: Preview and restore previous versions of files to easily revert changes.
  • External collaboration: Work with external partners using a familiar and friendly tool with features to securely share and track important information.
  • Integrations with Microsoft Office: Open Dropbox documents through Office Online for live co-authoring, create and edit Office docs on mobile, and gain enhanced collaboration capabilities on the desktop.

Gain visibility and Control


No two organizations are alike, there are a number of tools to let admins customer Dropbox Business to their teams’ particular needs.


Directory services integration: Simplify provisioning and deprovisioning by automatically adding and removing users from existing Active Directory or LDAP deployments or through one of the identity management providers.


Single sign-on (SSO): Streamline authentication by working with one of the officially supported SSO providers or with your own SAML 2.0-compliant solution.


Sharing controls: Set policies for sharing outside the team, and set different rules for shared folders and shared links. Further protect data with the ability to disable shared links from the admin console.


Access management: Track account usage by viewing linked devices and third-party apps, as well as active web sessions. Control team data by terminating any session and deleting local copies of files.


Comprehensive Auditing: Gain deep visibility with exportable logs of user sharing activity, along with changes to passwords, logins, administrative actions, third-party apps, linked devices, and membership.


Two Dropboxes: Each user can access both a personal and a work Dropbox at the same time, across all devices, enabling clear separation of data. Admins can turn off desktop client access to this feature for team members.


Remote wipe: Protect business data when employees leave or in the event Dropbox Business sharing filesof device loss by deleting data from computers and mobile devices.


Account Transfer: Seamlessly transition from one team member to the next by transferring ownership of business files and folders.


Tiered admin roles: Manage your team more effectively by choosing one of three access levels for admins.

Why Dropbox Business and Microsoft Office 365?

Office 365 + Dropbox Business


Leading companies who use Microsoft Office 365 recognize the need for the mobile productivity and collaboration capabilities that Dropbox Business delivers. Together, Dropbox and Microsoft have built a best-of-breed partnership to provide an integrated end-to-end solution for users.

Improve mobile productivity

  • Seamless desktop and mobile integrations enable employees to easily access, edit, and share their Office docs anytime, on any device.
  • Best-in-class sync from Dropbox ensures that edits will be reflected across stakeholders and devices- so your team always has the latest version on hand.

Simplify Collaboration

  • The Dropbox badge enables team members to collaborate on files natively in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.Collaborators can see who else is viewing their file and update it to the latest version with just one click.
  • In-line commenting streamlines approval processes, so you can ship work faster. Unlimited deletion recovery and version history means your team will always have a thorough file record to reference.

Increase Security

  • 256-bit AES encryption protects data in transit and at rest, so your most important IP is always protected.
  • Comprehensive audit logs give IT the tools to monitor internal and external sharing proactively.
  • Remote wipe and account transfer enable IT to recover data from lost devices or off-boarded employees.

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