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If you are an IT service provider in Montana for any size business IT services, Zunesis is here to help. Our expert technology specialists can assist with IT strategy consulting, IT system migration, implementing new network technology, and much more.

Zunesis serves customers in a wide variety of industries including agriculture, industrial manufacturing, K–12 school districts, state and local governments, and retailers.
We act as your end-to-end Montana IT service provider offering remote access, data storage, and networking & security solutions. Our team of expert consultants have in-depth knowledge of the most current best practices for your IT solutions.

Zunesis serves clients large and small—but we specialize in consulting the mid-market organization—the heartbeat of the US economy, who require assistance navigating the complex world of B2B information technology, and who need SMB business IT services to help take advantage of today’s modern IT tools and platforms. Our areas of expertise include infrastructure storage solutions, data backups & management, edge computing, remote access technologies, and the setup and administration of Microsoft products.

We handle everything from hands-on assistance when setting up new systems to long-term IT strategy consulting. Contact Zunesis now to speak with an IT expert about our services and see how your Montana-based company can benefit from partnering with us.

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