Reno Edge Computing

Edge computing is the practice of using many small, individual, distributed servers throughout an area—such as the Reno community—to provide faster processing power and responsiveness when running tools like facial recognition, video analytics, and so much more.

Edge computing also helps distribute processing power and data storage more effectively. This creates more efficient and streamlined networks, reducing overall costs of network administration and creating a more resilient network that’s easier to protect from outside threats, such as hacks and data breaches.

With Reno edge computing from Zunesis, organizations including departments of health, K–12 school districts, higher education institutions, and other public government agencies can benefit from our advanced technologies, such as anomaly detection, video analytics, and facial recognition to keep their premises safe from security breaches. From identifying criminal activities and suspects to contact tracing for COVID-19 and other such infectious diseases, Reno edge computing from Zunesis empowers organizations with the advanced tools they need for more effective administration.

To learn more about your options for edge computing in Reno and how it empowers advanced technologies, contact Zunesis online or give us a call at (702) 837-5300, and see how computing at the edge can maximize efficiency, resiliency, and redundancy in your organization in Reno.

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