Network Health Check

With the widespread adoption of BYOD across the enterprise world, most companies are beginning to see unprecedented growth to their networks. Your employees and guests expect to be able to bring their personal devices to work and connect to the wireless network. This trend brings about inherent security risks and performance impacts. The Zunesis Network Heath Check aims to address these issues and many more by providing your company with the information it needs and helping create a plan to address any current or future issues in your network.

The key to keeping your network healthy is information, and that is what Zunesis aims to provide with this exercise. The Zunesis Network Health Check Service will give you a comprehensive breakdown of each device on your network, along with any recommendations on changes that need to be made to ensure a secure, fast network going forward. Zunesis will perform a network evaluation of your monitoring software (if applicable), and attempt to isolate any historical problems we come across. Finally, we will look at the configuration of your wireless network and test all SSID’s for performance and security flaws, so that you have a complete IT Security Health Check to rely on.


  • A comprehensive network evaluation and report of all your switch configurations and wireless configurations, along with any changes we recommend making on the network to ensure continuity. This will include a breakdown of serial numbers for each device and an overall topology of your network, along with recommendations on where to target future network upgrades.

  • A detailed report of our findings in your network management software (if applicable), along with our recommendations on remediation tasks. If no network management software is present we will give a recommendation on the “best fit” network management software for your organization going forward.

  • A report of any security flaws we find on your network and any associated remediation tasks we recommend.


  • Ensure best practices are being followed on your network

  • Documentation and knowledge transfer throughout the process

  • Installation verification testing of network devices

  • Validation of your overall network configuration and security

  • Gives you the information you need to make informed purchasing decisions with regards to network upgrades.

Contact Zunesis today to schedule your Network Health Check and accompanying IT Security Health Check and network evaluation to ensure that your business’s network security is fully optimized and running smoothly.






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