Storage SAN Health CheckWith the explosion in storage and data, many customers do not review their entire storage and SAN infrastructure. Changes in the requirements due to data growth require changes in best practices and configurations. Data center infrastructure must evolve rapidly to improve resiliency, increase business responsiveness, and keep up with the growing demands of new applications while reducing overall power consumption.

Is your storage running at optimal performance? Zunesis Storage / SAN Health Check services reviews your entire storage and SAN Switch infrastructure to determine the overall health, performance, and capacity of your storage environment. Proper maintenance is essential to providing the best storage performance, availability, and capacity planning. Changes to the environment and automation can have a profound impact on your storage performance. A periodic review can help extend the life of your storage and improve the overall TCO. Schedule your data center health check today.


  • Documentation of the current storage infrastructure

  • Short term recommendations for performance or availability improvements

  • Capacity and performance metrics

  • Detailed upgrade plan

  • Long term recommendations to match the business strategies


  • Gain insight into the health and utilization of your storage

  • Identify configuration and performance issues

  • Insure your storage infrastructure is operating at optimum levels






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