VMware Health CheckYour organization has chosen to use VMware technology and has realized many of the benefits.  Since the initial implementation, there have been changes to the business requirements, operations and technologies.  Now it is time to review the current platform to see if changes or updates need to be performed to ensure you have optimized the performance and availability. Factors such as consolidation, cost savings, dynamic provisioning, and fluid migration are possibly impacting your VMware implementation.


You have been running VMware technologies for several years. With all the changes and enhancements, is it configured correctly, according to current best practices?  How effective is your virtual environment? Is it being utilized effectively? VMware touches many aspects of your data center, including servers, storage and networking, and the organizations and processes that control them. Zunesis VMWare Health Check Services will review your current environment, compare it to current products and best practices and provide recommendations to optimize your current infrastructure. We can review both your server and client platforms. Contact Zunesis today to get started!


  • Documentation of the current VMware Infrastructure

  • Short term recommendations for performance or availability improvements

  • Capacity and performance metrics

  • Comprehensive health check report addressing the entire VMware platform

  • Long term recommendations to match the business strategies


  • Gain insights into the health and utilization of your VMware environment

  • Confidence that your VMware infrastructure is operating at optimum levels

  • Optimization of the VMware platform

  • Identify configuration and performance issues


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