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Big data. Collaboration. Mobile. These realities are igniting a tectonic shift in the way businesses are innovating and deploying today’s applications and IT solutions. As a result, companies of all sizes require cloud platforms and services that accelerate time-to-market, and ensure agility, portability, scalability and high availability. To address these challenges, businesses are steadily moving to the public cloud for a wide variety of workloads. The migration of production workloads to the cloud requires a new generation of platforms that provide innovative, open services in a secure environment, backed by enterprise class Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and supported by personalized quality of service. Our Microsoft Cloud Services will do all this and more for your business.

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microsoft cloud services

Microsoft Cloud Solutions from Zunesis

Zunesis engineers and solution architects have 100+ years of combined technical experience across all realms of the IT landscape. This proven expertise gives us the freedom to create and implement in-house. No need to outsource the engineering; it’s all included. Everyone talks about “the Cloud,” but very few providers offer an end-to-end road map on how a cloud transition will impact your existing business processes. We identify which of your applications will benefit from added flexibility, scalability, and security, then design a detailed plan that includes the migration of your data, the physical move of your hardware, and the build-out of your new cloud environment.

Microsoft Cloud Products

microsoft Azue

A growing collection of integrated Microsoft cloud services for moving faster, achieving more, and saving money.

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microsoft 365
Whether you’re working in your office or on the go, you get a familiar, top-of-the-line set of productivity tools.
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microsoft esp
An identity-driven security solution that offers a holistic approach to the security challenges in this mobile-first, cloud-first era.
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microsoft csp
As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, we can provide the cloud services and products your business needs.
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  • Classify existing unstructured data by file type, age, use, value to business, etc.
  • Relate unstructured data to its application(s), from data lifecycle and application criticality perspectives
  • Deliver Cloud Transformation Roadmap
  • Financial model and business justification for moving to the Cloud

Discovery Workshop


  • Cloud concepts and business context
  • Business case and justification
  • Cloud Architecture and Operational Model
  • Vendor technical reference architecture

Migration Services


  • Documentation of current environment layout of the virtualization infrastructure
  • Migration strategy and project plan
  • Risk analysis and mitigation plan
  • Project Management of the entire process

Customer Challenge

Organizations want portability of workloads between a variety of cloud models (public, private and managed) without vendor lock-in. Adopting this hybrid delivery model to ensure flexibility and scale is no longer an option but rather a necessity. Businesses want this open platform enhanced by a vigorous ecosystem of partners that provide solutions ranging from large scale storage solutions, to productive development environments, to overarching management tools.

Cloud Storage

Experienced the following?

  • Expensive storage upgrades and continually having to ask for more capex.
  • Painful storage migrations that take time and increase complexity.
  • When making storage purchase decisions, dealing with obsolescence concerns.


You know where your data is, with a tangibility the public cloud simply can’t offer. Locked down physically, it’s your dedicated resource. No noisy neighbors, no concerns about data sovereignty. It’s like your own Fort Knox.


You decide how you use your storage. No more realizing you don’t have enough capacity, or can’t scale quickly enough. Cloud Storage gives you the control you need.


Cloud Storage is completely flexible. It’s scaleable in both directions and always right sizes to work for you whatever your storage needs.