2021 Strikes Back

2021- The Sequel

If you have ever read my blogs (or know me at all) then it will be no secret, to you, that I enjoy movies. I also like to use things I enjoy in an analogous way to help me better explain or convey things. For this reason, I will be hypothesizing the years 2020 and 2021 as entries in a 2-part film franchise. Where 2020 is the nail-biting first act filled with plot-twists, red herrings and maybe even a cliffhanger ending (sorry you’ll find no spoilers below, you’re just going to have to stick around until the end credits). This inevitably sets up the much-anticipated sequel: 2021. Where high stakes, big reveals, and even bigger emotional payoffs are to be expected (maybe even a massive deus ex machina will come into play? You never know!).

Keep in mind that all of the events laid out below are ones that were a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic. If we are comparing 2020 to a movie, it is pretty clear that the coronavirus would be the primary villain. I realize other notable events occurred in the last year, but I think it is safe to assume that we all know the key storyline as well as the chief antagonist.

Note: The forecast of 2021 events are merely conjecture and should be viewed as the expected outcomes based on the current information we have. As much as I would love to give a concrete story summary, we should always be prepared for unexpected plot twists.


What Happened and What This Means

What Happened in 2020: Capacity Restrictions and Curfews- For the majority of 2020, many restaurants, bars, gyms, and other communal locations were put on stringent capacity reductions or required to close completely.

What This Means for 2021: Many of these restrictions have already been dialed back or lifted entirely. In 2021, we can expect to not only get closer to “the old normal” but also see a big increase in traffic in all previously affected social locations.

What Happened in 2020: Remote and Hybrid Learning- Most schools across the country had to adopt a new E-learning model, with some schools still able to provide an in-person or hybrid model.

What This Means for 2021: This necessary alteration to educational institutions has brought a rise to methodologies and new solutions to make this transition possible and much easier. It is expected that students will return to physical classrooms in 2021, but now they will have a foundation to fall back on for unexpected remote necessities. Find out More Here

What Happened in 2020: Movie and Concert Reschedules – Seemingly common occurrences like going to the movie theater or attending a concert venue were completely derailed in 2020 and forced to be postponed.

What This Means for 2021: Good things come to those who wait. If these fun events can’t take place now…. But they have to happen sometime. And that time is pointing towards being 2021. Artists have pushed most shows off to a date and time where it will be safe for them to perform, again, in front of crowds. And as far as the 2021 movie schedule? It is now going to be STACKED.

What Happened in 2020: New Health and Safety Precautions- Over the past several months, a plethora of new health initiatives, such as face-coverings, hand-sanitizing stations, and temperature checks, have been put into place. Both as a mandated requirement and as a necessity.

What This Means for 2021: Organizations all over the world are rising to the challenge and meeting demand to supply valuable PPE and employ other methods to monitor the population and keep people safe (including, but not limited to, temperature-screening kiosks from Meridian. The need for these precautions may minimize over time (that plotline might be saved for 2022 and we can make this a trilogy 😉). For the time being, it looks like 2021 will constantly be churning out solutions to keep folks safe.

What Happened in 2020: Commercial and Public Sector Budgets – Once the uncertainty of the pandemic began to play out, many organizations across the country, had to limit or freeze all spending.

What This Means for 2021: Help from multiple directions has come into assist in a multitude of ways. Small business loans, grants, The CARES Act, and new changes to e-rate funding, will all significantly help a wide array of companies with securing much-needed funds. Find more info here

What Happened in 2020: No Live Sporting Events- Some organizations delayed their seasons, some televised them from empty stadiums, and others cancelled their seasons entirely. Regardless of the route taken, there was no way for fans to watch “live” sports for the majority of 2020

What This Means for 2021: This one is an ever-evolving landscape. In the last portion of 2020, SOME fans have been able to attend live sporting events in a heavily social-distanced format. With these small victories, all we can hope is packing the stadiums again, in the near future, like the good ol’ days!

What Happened in 2020: Working from home- An unprecedented amount of businesses and their office workers had to quickly switch to a remote workforce.

What This Means for 2021: Like the developments brought about by the aforementioned E-learning model, the sudden shift to a remote workforce has opened up the floodgates for new solutions encompassing VDI and cloud gateways. It will also change the way that future business is conducted for merchants and customers alike.


2021- Road Warrior

Well, my friends, the good thing about “2020: The Movie- Part 1” is that we are in the final scenes of the third act. We won’t be able to rate this bad boy until we see the final credits on New Year’s Eve. Regardless, 2021 is shaping up to be a killer sequel. If 2020 is Mad Max, then 2021 will be Road Warrior….and I can’t wait to catch you all at the premier!


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