A Personal Message of Gratitude: Thank You!

The sun is getting lower on the horizon of my time with Zunesis.  After 17 years as the CEO of the company, I will be retiring in a few months.  We had the good fortune of selling Zunesis and merging with a great company headquartered in Boulder, CO – Absolute Performance Inc.  I am confident that the future for the combined company is very bright.


The past 17 years have been filled with excitement and challenge, great days and tough days, and every emotion and experience in between.  As I reflect on the past 17+ years, my heart is filled with gratitude for the employees of Zunesis.  I am confident that Zunesis and all of the employees with whom I’ve worked side by side will continue to do ever bigger and better things as the future unfolds.


I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the employees of Zunesis current and past.  The success of the company is 100% linked to the quality, professionalism and hard work of many Zunesis employees over the years.  Our mission has always been to make the life of our customers better.  Thankfully, we were able to attract individuals who shared this value.  We also strongly believe in teamwork and sharing in success and adversity along the way.  Our engineers have always been ready and willing to jump on a call to help one of their fellow engineers or one of our customers in a time of need.


I have really enjoyed leading the sales team and watching individuals grow and develop.  I have also enjoyed being a small part of developing strategies and plans to bring greater value to our clients. We would get deals done in a way that created a win-win for everyone.  Working together as a unified team to make the life of our customers better cultivated a higher purpose and an enjoyable environment in which to work and deliver spectacular business results.


17 years is a long time to be together.  Over these years, we celebrated the birth of children and grandchildren and grieved the loss of parents and other loved ones.  We watched employees battle life threatening disease and personal challenge.  We watched marriages take place and enjoyed great celebrations together at the Broadmoor for annual Christmas parties.  We worked together for many years to make a huge difference in our community through Habitat for Humanity.


Over the years, I have felt the support and encouragement of so many Zunesis employees.  I have laughed and enjoyed your sense of humor, wit, and the way you enjoy life.  I have also had employees who cared enough for me to point out my blind spots and hold me accountable.  I sincerely appreciate the patience that Zunesis employees showed to me as God worked to sand off the many rough edges of my leadership.


When the sun does set on my career, I will reflect on my time with the people of Zunesis with great satisfaction, tremendous joy, and most importantly, immense gratitude.  Thanks to the all the employees for making my life better and for being a friend, co-worker, and inspiration to me for so many years.  You are the best of the best and you made me much better.  God bless you and never forget how much you mean to me.


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