Aruba Meridian Takes Guest Experience to a New Level

What is Meridian?


Meridian is the newest and one of the fastest growing technologies within Aruba, giving their customers a truly location aware platform. Meridian is capable of engaging users from a marketing perspective in real time while they walk the floor or simply guiding them where they need to go within a large public venue.


The Meridian solution is built on open API’s, giving its customers the flexibility to leverage their existing investment in their wireless solution and allowing it to integrate into virtually any modern device application.


Who Does Meridian Help?


Meridian is built for any large public venue or large retail environment. The goal of Meridian is to bridge the gap between its customers’ marketing departments and their users. This gives Meridian clients a better understanding of their users while also giving the users a better experience with the venue.


Conference centers are a great use case, as Meridian allows the venue to provide indoor blue-dot wayfinding to their guests (think Google Maps for indoor environments) as well as analyzing the most traversed paths throughout their building. This allows their marketing teams to develop more effective advertising.


Nebraska Furniture Mart uses Meridian for indoor wayfinding as well as some marketing applications, giving users push notifications with coupons when they linger by certain displays.


Levi’s Stadium, perhaps the most invested Aruba customer in the world, uses Meridian in a number of different ways including:

    • Guest Wayfinding – blue dot for guests to find seats/bathrooms/concessions/etc.
    • Predictive Analytics – which bathroom has the shortest line or which vendor has the shortest wait
    • In-Seat Ordering – Guests order food/beverages from their seats and a vendor will bring it to them even if they get up and walk around
    • Geofencing – Utilize Meridian to validate that a guest is actually in the stadium, which gives them access to replay cameras not available to anyone else


Watch the video below to see how the Royal Botanical Gardens in Madrid uses Meridian to enjoy an interactive app experience at their venue.



Aruba beacons are NEMA rated for outdoor and indoor use.


Why Choose Meridian?


The main advantage to Meridian is that it can leverage existing investments in technology. Customers will not have to forklift to upgrade their wireless environment to make it “Location Aware,” and they will have not have to completely re-write an existing application to integrate the beacons if one is already in place. There are services available through HPE to help integrate the Meridian solution with an existing application or they can design a new application for the customer if they do not already have one.


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