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There was a time when IT was the gatekeeper of everything enterprise and ruled with a combination of strict policies and purpose-built technologies. There was no need for technologies like ClearPass. Those days are over.  Today, billions of Wi-Fi enabled smartphones and tablets are pouring into the workplace.  Users are armed with more than three devices or more, and each contains over 40 business and personal apps.


Users have far more flexibility to connect their own smartphones and tablets to the network and download the apps of their choice. The expectation is that the mobility experience just works whether you are at home or in the office.


The boundaries of IT’s domain now extend beyond the enterprise, and the expectation is that users can connect from anywhere. The goal is to provide anytime, anywhere connectivity without sacrificing security.


How does IT maintain visibility and control? As a foundation, IT must have a firm understand of these three things:


  • Where devices are being used
  • How many devices are being used per user
  • Which operating systems are supported.


The next key is for IT to decide what happens when users and devices are not in compliance.


BYODThe ClearPass Policy Management Platform from Aruba Networks, an HPE Company, takes a fresh approach to solving the mobility challenge – an approach that provides IT a simple way to build a foundation for enterprise-wide policies, strong security, and an enhanced user experience.


From this single ClearPass policy and platform, contextual data is leveraged across the network to ensure that users and devices are granted appropriate access privileges, regardless of access method or device ownership.


Mobility policies need to include user roles, devices types, available MDM data and certificate status, location, day-of-week, and time of day.


ClearPass Benefits

  • Policies and AAA services that support any wireless, wired, and VPN environment.
  • Network privileges based on real-time contextual data-user roles, device types, location, and time-of-day.
  • Built-in device profiling that identifies device types and attributes for everything that connects.
  • Real-time troubleshooting tools that help solve connectivity and user issues quickly.
  • Built-in integration that allows you to build a coordinated defense effort where everything works as one solution.


Providing a seamless mobility experience for today’s mobile workforce has created a host of new challenges. ClearPass solves these challenges by providing a platform that delivers policy control, workflow automation, and visibility from a single cohesive solution.  By capturing and correlating real-time contextual data, ClearPass enables you to define policies that work in any environment: wireless, wired, or VPN.




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