Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS) for Office 365

What Is EMS for Office 365?

In this mobile-first, cloud-first era, questions around security dominate the conversations about moving to the cloud. EMS provides an identity-driven security solution that offers a holistic approach to security challenges by not only protecting the organization but also identifying breaches before they cause damage.

How Do You Know If EMS Might Be a Fit for Your Organization?

As with most solutions, EMS is built to solve real problems that organizations are facing in order to help them be more efficient, productive, and secure. Below are some issues that many IT organizations face, and EMS is specifically built to address these problems:

  • How to help users who have too many passwords to keep track of them all
  • How to secure data across mobile devices
  • How to manage BYOD
  • How to ensure sensitive data is protected, even on users’ mobile devices
  • How to create and enforce proactive threat protection


Corporate cloud securityHow Does EMS for Office 365 Address These Issues?

EMS is a rather robust solution. However, in a nutshell, below is a list of the ways in which EMS addresses the organizational concerns listed above.

Identity Management
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
    • Cloud applications
      • Azure supports SSO for over 2,500 SaaS application
    • On-Prem applications
      • Using Microsoft Identity Manager
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Provide users an extra layer of security – force users to prove their identity using password in a combination with mobile phone (app/text/email)
  • Advanced Reporting
    • Track SSO utilization and identify anomalies
  • Self-Service Password Reset
    • With write-back capabilities
    • Users can reset their own passwords, reducing Help Desk calls


Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Manage all mobile devices in the mobile ecosystem
  • Utilize Mobile Application Management (MAM) without requiring devices to be enrolled
  • Manage corporate data on user owned device
  • Utilize the same Office Applications used on-prem


Information Protection – Formerly Called Rights Management
  • Classify, label, and protect data
  • Apply persistent protection which travels with the data
  • Enable safe sharing


Identify Driven Security
  • Microsoft Threat Advanced Analytics
    • Protection from advanced targeted attacks by applying user and entity behavior analytics

If you find yourself facing any of these issues in your IT organization, I strongly suggest looking into EMS from Microsoft. We would be happy to walk you through any questions you might have about the solution or talk about how it could improve your specific environment. Contact us today.


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