Fear of Change in Technology: Metathesiophobia

What in the world does “metathesiophobia” mean? Simply stated, this is the fear of change. The origin of the term is Greek, meta- meaning “change” and -phobos meaning “fear.” We all have fear of change on some level. It is and always evolving; and some of us, more than others, have inherited this trait through our genetics.
When it comes to changes in technology – which we all know are constant – we generally experience two conflicting emotions: we feel excitement at the prospect of something new while simultaneously experiencing a feeling of resistance. We naturally resist change because we fear what we don’t know. Over the years, the evolution of technology has fueled this fear. Although we’ve seen many grand technological advances, we’ve also witnessed too many technology flops to count. This leaves us asking questions about every new technology on the market: What if it does not work? What if this change brings down my network? The list could go on and on indefinitely.
Although it is natural, and even responsible, for IT staff to approach changes in their IT environment with caution, approaching it with fear is not necessary. Worrying about the “What ifs” in any circumstance may help avoid pitfalls, but results are only ever achieved once some level of risk is taken. The beautiful thing is that changing your IT environment doesn’t have to be scary; it can be exciting. It can be done with confidence.
fear-of-change-technology-zunesisWorking with Value-Added Resellers (VARs), who in turn work with companies that have deep R&D budgets, can eliminate the fear associated with implementing new technologies. You can rest assured that the R&D has been done; in fact, manufactures like HP test each new product to the limit, fix the bugs they find, and release to the public once they’re fully confident in the final outcome.
Working with a good VAR like Zunesis allows you the opportunity to demo IT products before you buy them. This means that not only can you be confident that the product or solution works, generally speaking, but you can be confident it will work in your environment. It allows you to see the pros and cons for yourself before you make a purchase decision.
Let Zunesis remove fear from your life. I will be discussing this for my next few blogs. If you would like more information to help you be confident moving forward, let me know; and I will be glad to help.


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