HPE Unveils Composable Infrastructure


Composable Infrastructure: The Engine for the Idea Economy


In an effort to move toward an Idea Economy, IT must now be able to support two operating environments.


  1. Traditional Business based off of traditional apps which are Ops driven and cost focused
  2. Idea Economy which encompasses cloud apps which are Apps driven and agility focused


A new category of infrastructure is needed to power the Idea Economy. In the traditional model, Application and Operations optimization took months to deliver. Converged Infrastructure took days, Hyper-converged took minutes, and now Composable takes seconds.

HPE Composable InfrastructureComposable Infrastructure, also known as HPE’s new Synergy, simplifies Infrastructure as a Service by providing the following:


  • Hardware and software architecture as one
  • Fluid IT
  • Software-defined everything
  • Unlimited scale
  • Physical, virtual, and containerized workloads



Composable Infrastructure is the new engine for the Idea Economy allowing customers to take leaps and bounds:


  • REDUCE over-provisioning and CAPEX. Users can precisely compose any compute with any storage pool.
  • DEPLOY at cloud-like speed. Power up to a portal in minutes.
  • DEVELOP more apps, faster. Program Infrastructure the way you want.
  • UPDATE firmware seamlessly. Frictionless operations reduce operational effort.


HPE’s Composable Infrastructure multi-year vision empowers IT to create and deliver new value instantly and continuously for traditional business and the Idea Economy.


  • Run Anything – Optimize all apps and service-levels.
  • Move Faster – Accelerate app and service delivery.
  • Work Efficiently – Reduce operational effort and cost.
  • Unlock Value – Increase productivity and control.


The path to Composable Infrastructure allows an ease of management and interoperability across the entire infrastructure. Converged Blocks with Composable attributes provide value to your existing infrastructure. With HPE’s fully Composable Infrastructure, you receive continuity and investment protection of tools, integration, and process. HPE’s Composable Infrastructure transforms cost to value creation with infrastructure that bridges traditional and new.


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