How Microsoft Office 365 Improved Our Entire Business

Colorado Business Owners – Minimize IT Brain Damage in 2017

I am the founder, CEO, and majority owner of an IT Solutions Company (Zunesis, Inc.) headquartered in the great state of Colorado. I am so grateful for the success we have had over the years and also for the many fellow employees who have shaped, guided, and enabled Zunesis to prosper. I also have a high level of respect for other small business owners because I know the depth of challenges, decisions, and conflict they face.

I recently read an article that stated that less than 20% of all Microsoft Office licenses were provided through the Microsoft Cloud. This was a shocking statistic to me. If you are a small business owner (10-250 employees), why would you not migrate to O365?

total connectivityWe made the decision in 2009 to migrate to Office 365, and that has turned out to be a fantastic decision. Trust me, fellow small business owners, migrating to and using Office 365 is easy and straight forward. You never have to worry about your managed services provider going out of business or about your trusted IT guy or gal finding something better. I can also tell you that using Office 365 instead of our own internal staff have freed my employees up to serve our customers and not be stuck fixing our own IT stuff.

Financially, I am also happy with our decision to move to Office 365. When I consider the improved up-time and productivity for my employees, the dollars spent are well worth it. I also have this hunch that the overall security of my business is in better hands, than my team trying (on the side of their regular jobs) to make sure every application is properly patched, updated, and protected.

Full disclosure: Yes, Zunesis is an IT Solution Provider; and, yes, we specialize in helping small and large organizations migrate to Office 365 and Azure; however, our passion for doing this all began with the VALUE we received in 2009 when we made the decision to implement Microsoft Office 365 for ourselves.

If you would like to minimize brain damage in 2017, do what we did in 2009 and consider migrating your business to Office 365. Your quality of life will improve substantially! I hope you have a wonderful 2017.


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