Don't Let Your Hardware Support Expire

In today’s fast- paced environment, it is easy to forget about your hardware support and renewals. With a maintenance and support agreement in place, your organization can avoid costly outages and loss of productivity and time. This enables you to focus on more strategic business objectives.

When You Renew

Remember, when you renew, you can:

  • Download the latest software version and major releases for your product
  • Secure your system with bug fixes and patches
  • Manage your account and service requests
  • Get expert technical support — online, by phone, email and chat
  • Manage your licensing and assets as well as request license key assistance


HPE Renewal Cycles

Stay on top of your HPE renewal cycles and engage early with Zunesis to discuss your HPE support needs before you need them. I can assist you with the following:

  • Extend expiring HPE Support Solutions with Post Warranty Support Services or convert to contract. Check your warranty status here.
  • Renew HPE Contractual Services
  • Consider co-termination to consolidate expiring stand-alone support services onto an existing contract renewal for reduced admin work and continuity of support.
  • Upgrading or downgrading your maintenance when support needs change


Common Questions Regarding Renewals


  • Why is it important to renew before my maintenance expires?
    A renewal prior to expiration ensures continuous maintenance services and avoids additional fees when lapsed on support.


  • What happens if I don’t want to renew my maintenance?
    If your maintenance lapses, you will not have access to technical support or the use of upgrades, patches and a self-service knowledge base of HPE products. The downloads are inclusive of past, current and future versions of the product as well as bug fixes/patches.


  • Why do I have to pay back maintenance fees if I lapse on support?
    During any period of maintenance lapse, HPE continues to invest in product R&D to provide upgrades/newer versions. When you reinstate your maintenance, you receive the benefit of the developments that took place during the lapsed period.


  • What is the return to service fee? 
    This is a late fee for contracts that were not renewed prior to their expiration date.


  • Why is it important to stay current on support? Can’t I just pay as needed for technical support?
    You can never predict when you will need support. A current maintenance contract ensures that support services are available if and when you do actually need them. Remember that a current support contract not only provides you with technical support, but you also continue to receive all the patches/fixes, updates and new versions of your software product.


  • Can I renew just the maintenance and not support?
    Your maintenance and support are combined under your contract.


  • Can I do a partial maintenance renewal for my licensed product?
    You must purchase maintenance for all copies of each licensed product or none at all for that product. You may not cancel maintenance on a subset of licenses to reduce maintenance fees.

As the dedicated Support Specialist for Zunesis, I’d be happy to work with you to review your existing environment, and to develop a plan to ensure that you have the confidence your equipment has the protection necessary to survive in today’s demanding IT world.


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