Forgotten Glue in Your IT Infrastructure

Karl Urban- actorI am a huge fan of movies. I love watching them, dissecting them, digging into the “bigger picture”, you name it. One result of this is that I have become adept at picking out actors or actresses and their roles in some of my favorite movies. Now this is not very difficult to spot, when masters like Meryl Streep or Daniel Day Lewis, play a character. I mean it is usually called out on the marquee when a movie hits the theaters. Who I love to find are “those” guys and gals, ones that always seem to be showing up and making a serious impact in the movies you watch. One of my favorite current actors is Karl Urban. He is a New Zealand actor who has a career stretched over decades, rarely in the lead role, but again always making an impact. He was in varied movies from epics like The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, to kids movies like Pete’s Dragon, to recent blockbusters like Thor: Ragnarock. Every time he graces the screen, I feel that he is the security blanket that holds the scene together. Almost unnoticed, until he is missing. Now you are probably asking, I came here to read a technology blog, why are you rambling on about a movie actor? Well, besides being a shameless plug for an actor who I think should get more publicity, I am using this example as an analogy for what I feel is the forgotten “glue” in your IT infrastructure.


We live in a digital age where you have amazing computing power in the palm of your hand, but what is still there in every major office you walk into? Hard copies of important documents, or in other words, paper. Lots and lots of paper. We, as a society, are trying to back off the use of paper and trying to be more eco-conscious, but the need for hard copies still persists. Printers still dot our IT landscapes, from the smallest basement offices to the largest “corner” office. They are there in the background, quietly (sometimes not so quietly) working away and making a difference in our daily jobs. They go somewhat unnoticed, until they are not around or not working (for the Office Space fans the term “PC Load Letter” comes to mind).



Unfortunately, there is one major way that your printers can be noticed, and it is through network security attacks. It is the solvent that will dissolve the glue and leave your infrastructure vulnerable. We here at Zunesis have not forgotten about this IT bit player, and we strive to help our customers find the best performer possible. One that will do the basics, but also give you peace of mind, so that you can rest easy at night. Like my friend Mr. Urban, a product that leaves an impact, without you even realizing it. Call us today to talk over the printing landscapes, and the wonderful security they provide!”


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