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Buzz around Machine Learning


There is a lot of buzz in the news lately relating to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Video Analytics and Facial Recognition. The airline industry is just one area example of this.  In fact, the Orlando Airport announced last summer that facial recognition technology will be used on all international travelers.


Travelers from Boston’s Logan International Airport to the Caribbean islands on Jet Blue started a trial program to use Facial Recognition software that acts as a boarding pass.  This is the first trial between an airline and Customs and Border Protection. Other airports are also running pilot programs.


So, what does this all mean?


Recently, I heard about an Artificial Intelligent Robot that was taught to take on and beat the best poker players in the world. The first attempts, the robot lost. After the robot spent a year learning, it was able to beat the best players in the world.


We are still in the very early stages of AI and machine learning.  For example, the chess playing robot has learned how to win the game of chess. If another occurrence happened like a fire breaking out, the robot would not know what to do. A human would be able to process the information about the fire and determine they should get out. The Robot would still be playing chess.


What I am trying to say is as humans, we have the ability to take on so much more information and process that information based on a lifetime of learning. Machine learning, or AI is still in it’s infancy by comparison.


HPE and Machine Learning


HPE is utilizing Machine Learning with HPE InfoSight to improve customer support.  Infosight has been supported with the Nimble and 3PAR storage platforms and recently added support for the Proliant Servers.  Look for additional platforms to be supported in the future.


Using HPE Infosight, HPE has been able to prevent downtime on the Nimble storage platform using the InfoSight Predictive Analytics.  HPE recently published a white paper titled HPE Nimble Storage Sets Six Nines Availability Standard.  This standard of system availability is a result of using the predictive analytics along with machine learning.


InfoSight predictive analytics


InfoSight collects and correlates data from every storage array implemented across their install base, enabling global visibility and learning.  This allows InfoSight to predict potential issues before they happen, before they cause outages for customers.  This in turn provides a better support experience for the customer.


This capability will also be available for the Proliant, BladeSystem, Synergy and Apollo systems.  InfoSight for Servers will proactively collect and analyze each servers Active Health System data to identify configuration, health and performance information, then recommend solutions.   It will also provide warranty and support status.  All this information is consolidated and provided through a global dashboard.


Video Analytics and Facial Recognition


Machine learning can also be utilized in Video analytics and facial recognition.  As stated previously, the airline industry is looking at using facial recognition software to replace the boarding pass.


There are also several other use cases.  Facial recognition is beginning to be implemented in law enforcement, corrections facilities, stadiums, schools, casinos, along with the airports and other transportation industries.  Where this goes over the next 2 years is going to be very interesting.


Artificial Intelligence and Video analytics can be used in several ways.  Here are just a few:


  • Improve traffic flow
  • Detect a firearm
  • Determine if a person is in a location they shouldn’t be in
  • Determine if a person is underage
  • Detect aggressive behavior


The use cases are limitless as people look at what can be done and has this technology become more mature.


Several things we have noticed that make video analytics a reality is better quality cameras, the ability to do real time alerting, the integration with mobile devices, scalability of the software, accuracy of recognition and above all, the privacy of the individual.


Hold on, this is going to be interesting.


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