Takeaways From HPE Worldwide Ambassador Summit

HPE Worldwide Ambassador Summit

Over the last several years, I have been lucky enough to be invited to attend the Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Worldwide Ambassador Summit. This is an invitation-only event where invitees learn about the strategy, products and programs HPE is currently working towards. We are asked to provide feedback on what is working, what is not working and how the programs are impacting the channel. There were several takeaways from the event which are summarized below.


Everything As a Service

Everything as a Service. All the executive sessions had the same overall message, HPE is the Edge-to-Cloud Platform-as-a-Service company. They are moving to an Everything as-a-Service model, from the Aruba Intelligent Edge to the HPE Hybrid Cloud. The target is to be open, cloud-native, intelligent, autonomous and secure at every level.


One of the key components to Everything as a Service is Greenlake. Greenlake is a program that brings the cloud experience on-premise. It is a true consumption model that provides Cloud like agility and economics, while keeping control on-premise. The customer achieves many cloud-like benefits. This includes rapid deployment, scalability, and consumption-based economics while maintaining control.

The catalog offers pre-designed, end-to-end solutions along with fully customizable options. Flex Capacity allows you to design and customize your own infrastructure solutions. One can select from a broad range of HPE and partner technologies and services.


Artificial Intelligence

Similar to most industry news, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) was a major topic. HPE is incorporating AI into every technology, from the edge to compute to storage and networking. AI in the infrastructure is essential in the hybrid cloud world to simplify and reduce the complexity in managing infrastructure and ensure optimal performance and efficient resource use. HPE InfoSight is one of those AI solutions that predicts and prevents problems across the infrastructure stack. It ensures optimal performance and efficient resource use.


Clearpass Device Insight

With the introduction of cloud applications and software, plus the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, networks have become extremelyAruba-Clearpass-Device-Insight HPE Worldwide Ambassador important to business and have become more complex. Aruba ClearPass Device Insight provides visibility across the network and provides the context of all connected devices. With Device Insight, attributes such as device type, vendor, hardware version and behavior and accessed resources are available. This allows the more granular information when creating access policies, reducing security risks and meeting key compliance requirements.



The last topic we spent a lot of time discussing was Composability. HPE introduced the concept with the introduction of the Synergy platform. They didn’t stop there. Today they also have the Composable Rack and Composable Fabric.

HPE-composable-rackThe Composable Rack can Automate IT operations and deliver applications and services faster. It uses standard HPE Rack mount servers, current management tools, along with the Composable Fabric. This solution enables rapid deployment of your choice of HPE SimpliVity, VMware virtual machines, Red Hat OpenShift containers, or bare metal workloads for new cloud-native workloads. HPE Composable Fabric provides flat, wire-once, and top-of-rack 25G server connectivity. It features programmatic control, easy rack-to-rack scaling, and broad compatibility with existing data center networks.

This fabric not only enables composable element connectivity but also directly affects the integrity and performance of the underlying infrastructure and applications. Traditional, enterprise networks focus on north/south workload traffic between clients and servers. They are not designed to handle the distributed and varied nature of modern scale-out applications that require machine-to-machine communication over the network.

Our solution architects at Zunesis are knowledgeable in all of these areas. Reach out to Zunesis today to find out more about these focus areas.


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