In for the Good Fight

A Defining Moment in History

Coronavirus, or as I like to refer to it, “CV”. It has swept the globe. The virus has panicked many. It has caused governments to shut down their countries. Economies to come to a grinding halt. It has tested infrastructure and caused an extensive run on our supermarkets and pharmacies. Our 24 hours news cycle has gone into over drive and has soaked up the ratings for it. Our politicians are using it to call out each other and blame each other for some of the issues. The sports world is on hold. Our schools systems have shut down. It is like living in a movie. We are living history. Our kids and grandkids will remember this. Our history classes will discuss it for generations (much like the flu epidemic of 1918). I will admit, it is a strange time and I have had problems dealing with it at moments.

I work from my home.  Over the last 5+ years, I have worked remotely while I have worked with Zunesis. My wife is a wedding planner, who also works from our home. My family does not live in a large city. Instead, we prefer the quiet small town/country life. Basically we already, somewhat accidentally, have been self-quarantined for long before this crisis started.

I will also admit that for most of the time CV has been in the news, I have been somewhat flippant and derogatory towards it. The thought of hoarding of toilet paper and hand sanitizer was just a by product of watching too many zombie apocalypse movies. I guess when it comes down to it, I still think that.


A Change in Perspective

However, my overall opinion towards this crisis has changed pretty drastically in just the last few days. It started when our local schools closed. Then, my 8 year son (who became ill, thankfully with just a cold) had to get tested to ensure he was not infected. It continued when I saw that Las Vegas was actually closing casinos on the strip. It really hit home when I saw that bars, restaurants, gyms, and casinos are closed until further notice (with some restaurants still providing to-go orders).

Some would say, “Why didn’t it affect you when our sports leagues, major concerts, and some long standing events canceled?” It is a fair question. I was still looking at this as “a bunch of millionaires/billionaires just don’t want to get sued if their events cause an outbreak of the virus.” I thought that they were mainly looking out for their own self-interests, not the greater good.

When they decided to shut down so much of the hospitality industry, it was like a gut punch. I have worked in this industry and have many friends who still work in this industry. They tend to live their lives pay check to pay check. I know I did. What are they possibly going to do without pay? Which led me to think about other small business that are now going to suffer greatly (caterers, DJs, florists, and bakerys to name a few). Those who cannot afford to pay their employees an hourly wage, without the steady stream of business that is needed.

And to be honest, it got me thinking, what about me? What about my job? Will our customers still look to Zunesis for their IT needs? Will there be any IT needs? I know that the Federal and State governments are working on ways to help out all of the businesses and their employees that are affected by this. I also know that most companies are still working and doing business as completely as possible. Just by my current inbox, I can see that our customers are still looking to Zunesis. Much as they have done with us for the last 15 years. But, still, the thoughts lingered. The “what if” was still there. Scary thoughts to be sure.


In For the Good Fight

Today, (this blog was written on a Tuesday), after a restless night, where I did not get much sleep, I awoke with a new resolve. I don’t know what changed in me, but my spirit strengthened. Maybe it was my competitive nature that came roaring back. Maybe it was seeing that my children continue to laugh and play and are not weighted down by the “what ifs.” Whatever it was, I am thankful for it.

I have come to realize that I am not going to let this virus win. I am not going to give up, and give in to the doom and gloom. The news will not be on, as there is nothing there that is actually important. The CDC, WHO, and my local authorities will let me know what needs to happen. I no longer need to see/hear what “could” happen discussed.

If me giving up my freedoms, like travel, or vacation, parties, and date nights, will help get those men and women in the hospitality industry back to work quicker, then you will never see another person quarantine like me. I am still not going to hoard food and essentials (mainly because it takes away from other people who need it), but I am going to shop when there is the least amount of people in the store as possible. I will contact neighbors and friends before I go out and see if I can help them with pick and drop off on their porch. Basically, whatever it takes to beat this thing, I am going to do it.

That goes for my work as well. I am here and will continue to help as long as I have a internet connection and Zunesis is standing (virtually) right here with me. Our resolve as a nation, has always been what makes us great. Not our politics, policies, economy, or sports leagues. I obviously can’t speak for you, but I would instead implore you to do the same. This is not about adhering to the social distancing, or washing hands guidelines (please continue to do that), but instead this is about stepping up and winning this fight. I hope nothing but health and safety for you, your family, and your loved ones. Now let’s do what it takes to make this crisis nothing but a memory!


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