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Working for a tech company, we at Zunesis have a drive for finding the best and most innovative products on the market. Growing concern regarding the spread of COVID-19 has prompted business owners to start taking temperatures of individuals entering their doors. With the whole country starting to open back up, perhaps the most helpful product we have found is the Personnel Management Kiosk.

Measuring body temperature is an important activity. A number of diseases are characterized by a change in body temperature. With other illnesses, the course of the disease is followed by measuring body temperature.

A fever is typically the reaction to a disease-specific stimuli. The body changes its normal temperature to support the body’s own defense mechanisms. Fever is the most common form of disease-related (pathological) increase in body temperature.


Meridian Personnel Management Kiosk

The Meridian Personnel Management kiosk aids in effectively detecting temperatures of individuals prior to allowing them to enter office buildings, retail spaces or other organizational spaces. The technology in this system is capable of detecting individual faces and temperatures. It reads the temperature in 2 seconds with +/- .9 degree Fahrenheit accuracy. The system then compiles these temperatures into a database of up to 30,000 people.

The device strives to help protect the health and safety of both employees and guests. It prevents anyone with a temperature from entering a facility. An alarm can be enabled to go off when temperatures of the guest or employee are above the recommended threshold.


Through the use of this device, companies can help to slow the spread of viruses. Not only is the technology of the device revolutionary, but the device itself is also antimicrobial, flexible and secure. An antimicrobial powder coat finish is available for the base of the unit. It ensures durability and prevent the spread of germs. The kiosk is available in freestanding and countertop configurations.

Demand is high for this product so reach out to Zunesis today to get a quote. We continue to look for other products to help keep your business moving during these unique times.


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