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HPE Discover 2020

Great news IT leaders and friends!  HPE is conducting their annual Discover conference virtually and the content looks really good.  Many of our clients are wrestling with decreased IT budgets and looking for ways to preserve capital and reduce costs.  Often, the very first budgetary line item to get the ax is IT training.  I remember clearly how IT training budgets saw reductions or eliminations in the wake of the credit crisis in 2008/2009.

Because HPE Discover is virtual this year, your IT team, managers and leaders can attend at no cost.  Our Zunesis VP of Engineering & Consulting recently commented to me after attending HPE’s Aspire conference remotely, “I never had to wait in line for breakfast. I never was late for a session. And, I always had a great seat.”  He found the virtual learning experience significantly better. He gained much more knowledge because of the efficiency of the delivery of the material.  Some of us still prefer being in the room and the energy that comes from live in-person presentations and engagement, but there are clearly big benefits to providing valuable content virtually.


Impressive Lineup

There is an impressive lineup of content, sessions, technical demonstrations, industry leaders and expert speakers.  The current agenda shows 50+ technical training and certification courses; 100+ industry leaders and expert speakers; and, 150+ LIVE and on-demand sessions and demonstrations – AND, none of the sessions are limited by seating capacity.  This also could be the most cost-effective way for members of your technical team to get a specific technical certification.  Certifications are available at dramatically reduced pricing. The event provides an economical way for members of your team to gain experience and validation of the technologies they need to know to properly manage the HPE technology in your environment.


There are three very interesting leadership & learning tracks that caught my attention:

  • The Business of Sports Panel – including Rick Wells, President & CEO of the Golden State Warriors and Steve Kerr – Head Coach
  • Performance Under Pressure Panel – how to perform when the stakes are high and the pressure is intense
  • Women Leaders in Technology Panel – 3 separate panels hosted by Soledad O’Brien – award-winning journalist, weekly syndicated political show Matter of Fact


Top of Mind Topics

You will also find major content tracks on “top of mind” topics including:

  • Business Continuity – this topic probably hits home now more than ever
  • Financial Flexibility – creative ways to get what you need or maintain what you have)
  • Hybrid Cloud – latest developments in hybrid IT operational technologies
  • Data & Applications – protection of data & applications and the evolving use of containers
  • Agile Workforce – approaches to making sure your workforce has the information they need, wherever they are
  • Digital Transformation – every organization is evolving, but how can we accelerate the things that matter
  • Accelerate Research – how are world-class research organizations using technology to speed up important research
  • Intelligent Edge – so much is happening at the edge of the network. Find out how IoT and edge computing are rapidly changing the way we think about provisioning and support IT.

We hope you can take advantage of this great opportunity to access valuable information and hear from leaders and experts.  If you need any help or support getting registered for HPE Discover, please reach out to us at Zunesis.  We would love to help.


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