What has Your IT Support Done For you Lately?

Didn’t you just love the music from the 80’s?  Of course, I did!  That was the era in which I got to dress in my neon clothes and put as much Aqua net as possible to my hair and party like its “1999”!


Just like the great Janet Jackson said in her famous 80’s song, “What have you done for me lately”, you may be wondering the same about your IT Support!


What has my IT support done for me lately? 



Like all 80’s lovers such as myself, a good song can really put you in the best mood ever!  Like, totally! It will either bring back the best of times or sometimes even the worst of times!  Today, you can get any 80’s song you love from any streaming company out there.  RAD!


For me, I totally rely on my streaming service to get me the best of the 80’s.  To make sure those streaming services are always on, most companies rely on some type of support.  Support that will keep their IT infrastructure up and running at all times for those 80’s lovers out there!  You want to get the service experience you expect which should be totally awesome!


Preventative Care and Support


In today’s IT world, preventative care and support are so important to keep things running properly.  You never want to be “Dancing in the Dark”. You want to reduce the number of problems and respond rapidly when they do occur by leveraging Proactive Care.


HPE Proactive Care provides both reactive and proactive support service deliverables for your IT devices and systems. It helps you focus on your business and not have a “Blue Monday”.


This service provides the key information you need to make better decisions and manage your environment efficiently “All Night Long”. It helps you monitor the telemetry from products connected to HPE on a 24×7 basis and send out pre‑failure alerts to help you avoid outages and not be “Livin on a Prayer”.




Additional Services


Operational reports are available about firmware levels and software revision levels.  Patch update recommendations are delivered to help you keep your infrastructure stable. This is Totally Awesome!   Proactive scanning will be performed to provide a health check that identifies and resolves potential configuration issues.


Because, you gotta have “Faith” in knowing as an HPE Proactive Care customer, you can talk to a technical account manager about any of the content in these reports to get their expert insights and tailored advice on what your next steps might be.  “Don’t Stop Believing” in proactive services!  You get visibility into opportunities to improve your environment from a best practice perspective, as well as the ability to head off potential threats. Tubular!



Never feel “Under Pressure” with HPE Proactive Care. With many decades of support experience, customers can feel confident that when they need help they can get through to the right person in the fastest way possible. Providing an enhanced call experience and faster resolution, “Time after Time”.  To achieve that, HPE built a support organization with exceptionally high levels of training, highly streamlined processes, and prioritized access on escalations.


We believe it’s a service that’s unequaled in the industry. This will give you “Sweet Dreams” knowing HPE has your best interest when it comes your business.  Give your business the right edge with the right level of targeted, proactive support services and “Kiss” all your worries goodbye!


Zunesis RDCAS


When you “Just Can’t Get Enough” of the Proactive Services, layering on top of the proactive care from HPE is the Zunesis Recurring Data Center Advisory Service.  This service allows you to “Fight for Your Right” and get additional proactive features such as:  Assess your current environment and your future needs. Design to improve your current environment and meet future goals. Implement what we propose. Maintain your environment to keep it secure, reliable, and available. Protect your applications and data through BU/DR best practices.


Available to review will be limited to the following HPE infrastructure devices including:

  • Blades and rack mount servers
  • HPE Storage
  • HPE Fibre Channel Switches
  • HPE Synergy Frame
  • HPE Simplivity Hyper-Converged platform


During pre-planning sessions, Zunesis will validate what equipment will be included in the assessment.  We will “Whip It” into shape!


An Inventory Service is available which includes initial firmware, configuration information, and capacity. We can also act as the customer advocate when service tickets need to be escalated. Helping to manage these calls through completion.


The Zunesis services organization has the experience and expertise to help your business meet your goals and objectives faster, with less risk. We are a consulting organization who assists customers in achieving their business objectives with the use of technology. With a Zunesis experienced Engineer, you will “Bust A Move” to get this service.


Contact your local Zunesis Account Manager to work up a quote for you today!




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