Gain Stability & Sustainability with LTSR from Citrix

(Drum roll, please!) Citrix has announced LTSR!


What is LTSR? 

Long Term Service Release. LTSR is all about stability and supportability when it comes to ongoing maintenance and support.
I’ll let Citrix take the intro on this one: “As a benefit of Software Maintenance, Long Term Service Releases of XenApp and XenDesktop enable enterprises to retain a particular release for an extended period of time while receiving minor updates that provide fixes, typically void of new functionality. This provides customers with greater predictability and simplified on-going maintenance. Today, Citrix is announcing our first-ever Long Term Service Release of XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 available for download on”
So, what does all that actually mean? What they are basically saying is this: LTSR is their most stable, robust and Enterprise worthy release of the XenApp/XenDesktop 7.x platform to date.
It has been thoroughly tested and used for extended periods of time within large, heavily utilized environments. 7.6 is the current LTSR version supported with Citrix. In my opinion, it really is the first version that has been ready for prime time.
Customers are still using older versions that date back 7 plus years! This is Citrix’s way of getting those customers to a newer version without having them wonder if it will be just as reliable, secure, and stable as their older version.
Now, as 7.6 does not officially support Windows 10, they have done some solution Tetris to support Windows 10. This requires the latest version of the VDA client, Citrix receiver, UPM and PVS. This also allows clients time to adapt and adjust to the new Citrix architecture without having to continually update every 9-12 months.
In addition, the LTSR version will continue to get ongoing updates and support whereas the regular versions will stop receiving updates as soon as a newer version comes out. By using LTSR, an organization will receive at least 5 years of extended support when needed and/or desired.
XenApp XenDesk Release Schedule
The lists below provide details into the differences between the new LTSR and the current release.

Long Term Service Release:

  • A Long Term Service Release guarantees 5 years of mainstream support and an optional 5 years of extended support. Thsi includes cumulative updates every 4 to 6 months, a new LTSR version of XenApp/XenDesktop every 12 to 24 months and any potential (hot)fixes.
  • Every new LTSR will probably be preceded by at least 3 to 4 CR’s.
  • A valid Software Maintenance (SM) contract is needed to make use of the LTSR servicing option.
  • As soon as Citrix releases a new LTSR version of XenApp/XenDesktop, customers can upgrade to that specific version as part of their current LTSR / Software Maintenance contract. Upgrading is always optional, not mandatory. Five years of support will start over for the new LTSR version.
  • Citrix is currently working on a compliance tool to help organizations check if their current environment is eligible for a LTSR.
  • Customers can have the LTSR as well as the CR servicing options in use as the same time.
  • Switching form a LTSR to a CR servicing, and vice versa, is always optional as well.
  • Citrix does not recommend mixing and matching non-compliant CR components in a LTSR environment.
  • Citrix offers full downloadable packages including all LTSR components, fully up-to-date, patched, supported and ready to go.
  • When dealing with support, they may ask clients to install the latest update for their current LTSR if not done so already.
  • If it is new functionality and innovative features you are looking for, then go with the Current Release instead.


Current Release:

  • With a CR supported version, you have the ability to upgrade to the latest version of XenApp/XenDesktop, making use of all the new and innovative features and functionalities that Citrix has to offer. (IE nothing changes.)
  • New versions of XenApp/XenDesktop will be released every 3 to 9 months following the standard product lifestyle.
  • No cumulative updates will be made available.
  • Clients will need a valid Subscription Advanatage contract to make use of Current Release version.

If you have further questions about LTSR, please see the links for further reading below, or contact your Zunesis representative.


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