Bringing Microsoft Software Asset Management to the Spotlight

The Evolution of Software Asset Management

Bike helmetYears ago, Software Asset Management (SAM) was a novelty, as there was very limited visibility around the benefits SAM brought to clients. Probably the easiest way to capture this scenario was almost like selling a bike without a helmet. The client would begin their journey via the licensing vehicle. However, when they ran into a bump in the road, severe trauma was likely. SAM was the helmet – the way to protect clients from said trauma.

Before too long, Microsoft, in addition to many Tier 1 Software Vendors, announced mandatory audits for ALL customers. What this meant was if you invested in licensing, you were subject to an audit at any given time by a vendor. I recall these early years as there was a significant spike in partners who obtained proficiency in the SAM discipline.

Today, Software Asset Management is as relevant as it ever has been. Many clients have either gone down the path of an audit; know someone who has; or are uncertain, when the audit does come, whether they will be in compliance.

Non-compliance comes at a high cost:
  • Hefty legal fines via the BSA/Vendor,
  • Negative internal exposure at an organization,
  • Negative public exposure (diminished shareholder value),
  • These are just a few. Trust me, there are more.

Thoroughly understanding what’s at stake is why Zunesis incorporates SAM Disciplines during each licensing engagement. Quite simply, it’s ensuring that our clients’ investments in licensing are fully optimized. Whether it means we identify scenarios in which a client is over licensed and can eliminate the need to invest further, under licensed and needs help producing a strategy to address the gap, or ensuring that every license corresponds with the right amount of usage (specific to an end user role or department), are some of the ways we optimize IT investments and shield customers from the effects of non-compliance.



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